Nov 172008

All things only exist by comparison. Think about it, what would be hot if there was no cold, good if there was no bad, right without left, it is all relative.

Anything and everything you experience just “is” until you compare it to something else. Until something is compared there is no relationship. It is personal interpretation and belief systems that cause us each to view the same exact situation differently.

A great example of this many of you may have experienced before in a relationship. You ask you partner if anything is wrong and they say “no, things are great,” but their tone isn’t convincing enough for you. Now your interpretation is something is clearly wrong, while they truly do feel great. Both of you heard the same words, but one interpretation was different than the other.

Once you can accept this law it will allow you to appreciate the experiences you have throughout your business life while dealing with all different types of people. When something unsavory happens in life just think about what possible break through may be just around the bend. Definitely easier said than done, but after practice it can become second nature.

No two people are the same, and neither is the way situations are interpreted. So instead of “making things happen,” just let them happen and enjoy your experiences.

Until next time, have a wonderful day!

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