Oct 272009

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Ok since we already have heard how you do anything is how you do everything, how can we make everything we do as simple as possible?

The only answer is systems. We must first master the mundane in order to create efficient systems that we can utilize. Success does not come from doing a bunch of complicated things and repeatedly changing your daily action plan to conquer new obstacles.

Success is a calculated study of the obvious. It is those who have mastered the simple things and repeated them over and over and over again that build a long lasting legacy. Those who adopted the Slight Edge principals and made the conscious decision to be true to themselves and examine what works for them.

Everyone in every business has very basic duties, in sales it is talk to more people and understand your product and the tools that will sell your product for you. In all areas of life there are rules  which are simple, basic principals or guidelines that are universal. You want to become healthy, eat good foods and exercise regularly. That is not complicated at all, but millions upon millions of people can’t even handle that!

I challenge you to examine just one area of your life this week and break it down into its most simple form. Find out exactly what needs to happen in order for you to achieve the results you desire. It is the little things compounded over time that make us who we are.

Whether you like it or not only you are responsible for your misfortune or successes, obesity or health, loneliness or love, confusion or clarity. YOU! You are the only thing standing in the way.

Change your mind, change your life. Go make it happen!

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Jun 012009


This is an excellent question to ask when you would like to audit yourself and your actions. Meeting thousands of people over the past 4 years of networking has taught me one thing specifically, talk is cheap. Business networking is a game of sorting and numbers just like anything else. Beware, there are a lot of people out there talking a big game, but when it comes down to their key philosophies they will prove to be a disappointment.

Don’t let that discourage you! That is what is great about business networking; YOU get to choose who YOU align yourself with. What you must train yourself to do is identify the people that are trying to make $100k with a $30k philosophy. These are the people that appear to always be flustered and busy, but most likely they are chasing the same people who have been telling them “no” for months.

Being excited is wonderful, but only when excitement is effectively directed towards the achievement of one’s objective. Ignorance on fire draws more attention that knowledge on ice, but it is when you can harness the fire and combine it with knowledge that you will have true power.

Adopting a few simple principles and activities, then consistently doing them over an extended period of time will reveal not only the discipline of a person, but uncover the success that may have been hiding just beneath the surface. Having a relaxed intensity is key, when you don’t allow insignificant things to fluster you, when you can keep you focus on the end result then and only then is when all the pieces of the puzzle begin to come together to unlock massive success.

How much is your daily routine worth? Is it enabling you to achieve the levels of success you desire? If not, then when would NOW be the best time to make a change?!?

May 152009


Having the proper mindset when attending business networking events is imperative. Realizing that these events are not about you, but about everyone you come in contact with and how you can benefit them will make your life much less stressful.

When YOU can identify and explain someone’s challenges better than they can YOU will be seen as an authority figure and will be sought out for the answers. This doesn’t mean have a product or service in your back pocket to pitch that will potentially assist this person. People don’t want things they want results. What value are you able to provide and how fast are you able to provide it? Your level of success depends on the size of the challenge you can resolve, whether that is in your business or someone else’s.

You must know what YOUR target looks like, and be able to explain that in as few words as possible. Be the example. When you are able to say I want to meet XYZ person, in ZYX industry or I would like an introduction to YXZ company and STOP TALKING. You have just allowed that person to either begin thinking of someone they can connect you with or left it open for them to ask you the question of WHY or WHAT DO YOU DO?

When you are being asked these questions “don’t vomit all over them,” give a two sentence answer and reflect a question back to them to begin identifying who they are, what they do, who they are looking for, and what are successful actions or challenges they have faced that you may be able to assist them in to help them achieve their next level of success.

Become a selfless problem solver and idea factory for all that you meet. When you have mastered this you will become the “go to” person for whatever comes up in your client or colleagues life.

Willingly help others with no expectation of anything in return and your life and your business will flourish!

Good luck, now let’s go meet some people!