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Success has a degree of fear attached to it mainly because becoming successful normally requires change. If you do what you have always done you will get what you have always gotten. Defining your goals and setting up you game plan is the easy part, the consistent and persistent implementation of success principals is where the challenge begins.

Once you truly understand YOUR reasoning behind setting YOUR goals, not what is expected of you, but what YOU feel in your heart of hearts that is what will propel you through any unforeseen challenges.

Many people go through some sort of self sabotage, certainly myself included. You will see that everything is going absolutely perfectly and life just seems to get better and better then boom you  fall into the complacency trap. Complacency is the thief of ongoing success.

We are our own worst enemy. Our subconscious mind has so much magnificent power, but we so infrequently maximize its potential. Self doubt, negative or unsure thoughts and actions, talking the talk and never walking the walk, procrastination, these are all things we have 100% control over. Have you ever noticed that the things we like to do the least are what creates the results that we desire the fastest?

One factor in particular which encompasses so many of the success principals is personal development. The ability to set goals, make a game plan, put it into action, and stay focused. In a nut shell that is how to avoid self sabotage, obviously much easier said than done. That is why we must continue to read, listen to quality audio programs, attend seminars, and most importantly keep your motivating goals in front of you at all times. Read them back to yourself multiple times a day to remind yourself why you do what you do. Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. What extra effort are you willing to make?

Take a step back and evaluate yourself to see if you can identify things you do that are pulling you farther away from your goals. Find out where you are comfortable and if that is bringing you closer to your objective. Your biggest fear of success is stepping out of your comfort zone and making the changes necessary for the acquisition of all you had ever hoped for.

Step out on faith!

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Oct 192008

There are people in our lives who are positive and there are those who are negative, both we may consider friends, but how is this effecting us?

When you are in conversation with others and someone is talking about something as simple as remembering names or as elaborate as doubling their income have you noticed yourself thinking “wow, I can’t do that!” and then after you think about it you verbalize it and notify those around you aren’t capable of achieving what they are talking about!

This is one of the many ways we reinforce and program ourselves for underachievement and perceived failure. All of the “I’m not’s,” “I cant’s,” and whatever other self demeaning vocabulary we have learned is day by day sabotaging us subconsciously. Since thoughts are things, this is scientifically proven by the way, it is imperative that we begin to train ourselves to think in terms of what we are capable of and what we do want to manifest into our lives.

Here is a fun and interesting little challenge I learned from hypnotist Topher Morrison. When you have “one of those mornings,” and you perceive things to already be going downhill from the time you get out of bed, for the rest of the day try this: Walk everywhere you have to go at a little faster speed, with your head up, looking around, with a smile on your face greeting everyone you see, and when you get where you are going put your hands up and say “Here I am, I made it!” Do this the entire day until you go to sleep at night.

The reasoning behind this is you typically don’t see unhappy, miserable people walking around quickly with a smile on their face especially greeting others, and your subconscious mind knows this as well. By walking faster and smiling you are now inadvertently tricking your subconscious mind into being happy and enjoying life and since your subconscious is the director of your feelings and emotions you may just feel better on a conscious level as well. Go figure!

Enjoy your day, and have some fun!

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Oct 102008

Movies and books about the laws of attraction are becoming more and more popular over the past few years, and yet some people are still not able to tap into the unlimited potential each of us have, why? Two words, belief systems.

It is easy for some of us to go through the day “faking it till we make it” and act happy, act like everything is going great, act like life has dealt us the best hand possible, but then after the day is over and once know one is around pain and frustration overwhelms us. Life is truly meant to be abundant for each and every one of us and there is so much more than enough to go around, even in this economic “hardship.” Ask yourself are you letting the news, and “bad economy,” and “bad job market,” hinder your life and business?

Being that there is more than enough money and business to go around what is your outlook when you start your day? If it is anything else than, “this is going to be the best day of my life and everything is going to happen absolutely perfectly today,” you have then conditioned your mind to begin to identify all the experiences you enjoy about life, rather than looking for things to complain and feel bad about.

But, let’s get back to the real reason why changing our outlook can require a little more work than just continuing to drive positive affirmations into our heads every day. I challenge you to dig deep and think about any experiences in life that have truly angered, caused pain, resentment, and hate. Or, experiences that have brought you positive attention and made you feel appreciated and desired. You see if you ask someone what experiences made them what they are today, they almost immediately think about the negative experiences they have had and situations they will do anything to avoid due to discomfort. Take a moment and think back to childhood, what brought the attention onto you? What have you anchored into your subconscious mind that drives you unconsciously today? Is it clumsiness, success, self destruction, abuse, being funny, making a mess? The list can go on and on, but if you can take a serious guided look into what you did or what others did when you were a child you can identify what belief systems were created and work with them at the root.

Take a little “me” time and think about what is driving you to do what you do, and remember “if the best day of your life was more than seven days ago you are mismanaging your life.”

Good luck, God bless, and have a spectacular day!

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