Jul 282009

skypicThere is always something else going on in life isn’t there? There is something there side tracking us, pulling us away from what we are attempting to do, slowing us down at every turn, keeping us away from loved ones.

WELL SUCK IT UP! That’s life!!

If all we were to do was coast through life without challenge or adversity there wouldn’t be any amazing stories to learn from and share. Everyone has speed bumps on their way to success; the only difference is how each challenge is perceived.

Working with so many different people I hear all kinds of stories why people “can’t” do it. This is baloney. Your current obstacle in life is either going to be the excuse why you “can’t” do it or the reason you are doing it.

Please know that I am talking about excuses people make when someone is presented with an opportunity, investment, or anything that will change their life for the better. There are just so many examples, for instance: “I have been eating so much lately and I am so busy, I “can’t” make time to go to the gym.” OR “I have been eating so much lately I AM going to go to the gym because I like being busy and I want to feel healthy.” See the difference?

Here is another: I “can’t” invest that $100 and change what I am doing a few hours a week, I never see my family as it is.” OR I AM investing that $100, I never see my family and I want to be a part of their lives. I will do whatever it takes to make my family financially independent.”

You see there is no legitimate excuse for anything. We all have 24 hours in a day and there are some people making billions and some people scrounging for pennies. The difference is one persons excuse became their reason and the others reason is their excuse.

What’s YOUR reason?

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