Jun 212010

So I was in Cancun and I had this realization that marketing principals are universal in any setting. I know, I know it kind of seems like a 101 kind of thought, but I just now began relating marketing in stores to the dynamics of a presentation. Having the ability to speak and having the ability to do a presentation are two different things.

I used to think because I was comfortable speaking in front of people I could do a good presentation boy was I wrong. Now I am careful to analyze the dynamics and delivery of the speeches I am requested to make. This has resulted in not only high closing ratios, but more a more effective delivery of information to my audience.

Check out the video and let me know “Do you compete with Wal-Mart?”

Walk with me through the Cancun airport. I am literally like 10 feet out of security and I am forced into this mall of deals, liqueur tasting, and discounted  candies.

Marketing is a science, it is up to us to to distinguish what areas of our presentations need to be polished. The best closers in the world close 35%-40% of a room on an unexpected pitch.

Hope you enjoy. See you at the top!

photo credit: umm