Apr 282009


People don’t care about you until they know how much you care.

Business networking events are going on all over the world, whether it is a Chamber of Commerce, FNI, BNI, NPI, or any other networking organization hosting a function the principals each was founded on are relatively the same. These business networking gatherings all serve the purpose of getting you in front of other likeminded people to brainstorm and align yourself with. The question is what is your purpose for being there?

If your purpose is to generate business by become a valuable asset to others you are right on the money, but if it is to build you marketing list and solicit business haphazardly without providing value to fellow members first you are off target and are going get frustrated very quickly. Value is the name of the game. What value do you bring to a business networking organization? Who do you associate yourself with regularly? Are you a student of life and business?

Knowing the answers to these questions and becoming a student are the type of characteristics which are attractive to those who have become successful in the business networking arena. The networking veterans understand the power of association and so should you. You are the cumulative amount of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Are the people you are around enriching and adding value to your life or are they ridiculing and frustrating you?

The simple act of having a positive mental attitude is a valuable asset in networking your business. Your enthusiasm, your willingness to learn and help others, your commitment, are all of what makes networking organizations around the world grow and it is also is the engine which keeps many businesses afloat.

I encourage you to become a student of personal development if you are not already, learn questions to ask others when you meet them that will help you identify how you can benefit their life, show genuine interest in becoming a asset to all the you meet. By implementing these actions your business will begin to grow exponentially without you actively personally promoting it. You will have become an asset to others and you will then have a team of trusted associates assisting you in keeping your pipeline filled.

When you can stop thinking about how to grow your business alone and begin to focus on others you will be surprised how much begins to come your way.

Good luck, and stay tuned for the launch of Business. Networking, Life.’s first book!

Mar 202009


How can you maximize your advertising and networking, dollar and time?

Well, first thing is first, budget your time wisely. Many of us have multiple projects going on at one time, and multitasking is realistically getting farther behind than ahead.

There are four areas of our business that take up a lot of our time: Meetings, Paperwork/emails, Networking meetings, and Online Networking. A questions I am often asked when brainstorming with colleagues is “how do you find so much time to go to networking meetings, when do you work?” This is an easy answer because I know what my revenue generating activity is, and meeting more people to keep my pipeline filled is more beneficial than sitting getting paperwork done during business hours. All other activities get scheduled around networking and meeting with people. Have a one on one with someone before and after a networking meeting.

These two activities are really the ONLY activities that have a true schedule or must be done during traditional business hours. Paperwork, emails, online networking can all be done before 9 and after 5 if you really do have to catch up on things.

Traditional networking meetings and online networking can be more useful than you can possibly imagine! The power of aligning yourself with other likeminded people will grow your business exponentially. If you haven’t been in the networking scene very long here are a few articles you can check out that will help you out: networking articles.

For you professionals who know how to connect with people AND get others connected it is no different doing it online. I hear people asking all the time “how do I utilize Facebook, Linked-In, and all of these other sites?” GO MAKE FRIENDS!!! An easy way to think of it is you are at a networking event, but you have total control of the professions, industries, and people you meet. Really the internet is a networking event on steroids.

It is easy to build a friends list, just like it is easy to collect cards, but what are you doing or what can you do to connect and be a valuable resource to others? If you are just adding friends to your social networking accounts it is no different than collecting cards and filing them. You must make the effort to converse and build relationships with people online.

There is no excuse, you don’t even have to leave your living room!! It is great to build your network and add 10-20 new friends or collect 10-20 new cards a day, but if you aren’t willing to invest the time to build a relationship with others you are doing no more than spinning your wheels.

Let’s get back to the basics and ask the simple question of “how are you doing today and is there anything I can help you with?”

There is your million dollar question.