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Image is important in all areas of business from branding to first impressions. Obviously with new technology we think we can do most things on our own in relation to our business, but there are still a few things that are just better left to professionals.

Rebecca Brittain shares some ideas to what you can do to have a professional image on all of your photographic marketing pieces.

So, you’ve got your new business up and running…the website design is done, your facebook account is gathering friends and fans, and you are blogging about your business like a pro. What’s missing? Take another look at your business cards, website, and other social media pages, and ask yourself this question: Is this photo of me (or my product) the first impression I want to show the world?

It’s an old but true saying…a picture is worth a thousand words. The images you present to the world should be your “best face forward”…not some outdated snapshot you happen to have lying around! You can have the best website, blog, and brochure written and designed, but if the photography falls short, you’ve lost a opportunity to impress a potential client. (I can’t tell you the number of times I see websites and business materials with absolutely BAD photographs on them. Blurry, grainy head shots that are cringe-worthy. Product shots taken with on camera flash and bad composition.)

You may have other reasons for not upgrading your images…”I don’t have the time”, “I can’t afford it”, and “I have no idea exactly what I need” are a few I’ve heard from business people. As a professional photographer, I can tell you that most photo shoots take less time than you think from booking to final images. As for cost, remember…professional head shots and product images are an investment you make in the future of your business. It’s another way to grow your business and keep up with your competition.

I love helping potential clients figure out their photographic needs…and working together to come up with a solution that helps their business grow.

Rebecca Brittain is a professional photographer in Clearwater, FL

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Feb 152010

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is there ever a lot of confusion going on about Social Media and how to make sense of it all. I was talking to a business person the other day and his comments about not needing Social Media as a part of his marketing strategy shocked me. He didn’t understand the value to his business and actually saw it as a big time waster.

My response to him was that every business needs Social Media Marketing as a part of their overall marketing strategy. Social Media is no longer a “nice to have” marketing strategy, it’s a “must have” marketing strategy.

Everyone goes online to look for products or services and research companies before doing business with them. The days of looking in the Yellow Pages for what you want are almost gone. What makes you and your business any different?

The power of social media has no even begun to scratch the scratch of its potential. The unfortunate part of this all is many people choose not to educate themselves on the subject and are getting farther and farther behind. This is a facet of business which, without exaggeration, evolves on a daily basis.

There is always a new shiny object there to capture our attention, but what is important is having a strategy, a game plan. Not only a game plan for your marketing, but also a game plan for how to stay informed with new technology and trends.

As a Social Media Marketing Specialist, I decided to formalize a home study coaching program to help people on a tight budget with the What, Why and How of Social Media so they can put together a strategy that makes sense for their business. You can check it out at to see if it answers some of those big questions about Social Media you might have.

Happy New Year!

Kathy Perry, Social Media Marketing Specialist

P.S. You can also download my free ebook at:

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