Nov 132009

everything happens for a reason
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If you have no desired destination any old place will do. Setting up your goals and defining your “Why” is what makes it easier to get through trials and tribulations when they arise.

Having a positive attitude, and being optimistic does not keep obstacles from coming up, but it does help whether the storm. Having a goal helps us work with the end in mind, and without one dooms us to observe our present circumstances and dwell on what is or is not happening.

I attribute my daily success to believing it is going to be a successful day. It is sometimes difficult to believe when you think about your day and don’t even want to get out of bed to start it, but that is where your goals come in. Since my personal goals have been defined I have also written out an in detail description to what a “perfect” day looks like to me it is easier to focus on what good is going to happen. Now every day does not pan out “perfectly,” but I know that the activities I go through throughout the day are getting me closer to experiencing it on a regular basis.

This unfortunately does not work for those of you out there who hate what you do and are unwilling to change your habit and behaviors. There are just too many people hell bent on defining insanity on a daily basis. It is a time of change, and you are no exception. Evolution is taking place and life is evolving faster than ever before. Adapt of be left behind.

Define your goals. Write them down. What does a perfect day look like to you? Both a work day and a play day, define them both. How much money will it take for you to do what you love? How much would it take for you not to have to work for anyone anymore? What does your perfect life look like?

The questions are everywhere, only you have the answers. Good luck!

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Nov 162008

The Science of Success Learning System
There are a lot of personal development courses out there, many with simply a different spin on similar subjects. I was fortunate to experience James Ray’s Science of Success program recently and while many of the same principles are there, he breaks it down into the science behind the outcomes and experiences we have.

In my next 7 posts I will be identifying each of the laws for you individually and giving you some practical examples of them in action. It is very exciting! After I was able to interpret and define the mechanisms and laws behind what was occurring in my life I was able to make the little tweaks necessary to advance my business, change my outlook on life, and improve my lifelong relationships.

Once you understand these laws and how to use them to your advantage you life and business will never be the same.

Stay tuned and let me know what you think!
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