Nov 092009

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Where has this sense of entitlement come from that has spread like a plague? Since when are employers, educational systems, or governments responsible for individual financial well being? What happened to personal financial education, personal development, and self motivation to make the most of our own life?

Our lives represent the cumulative amount all the decisions we have ever made. Once you know and understand that you will have the ability to decide whether to participate in the recession or choose not to accept it.

The largest fortunes are created during a economic slump. This is the time of opportunity. Just the other week the DOW rebounded back 53% from its low in March. So over 5 months time there was 53% increase! You can view this one of two ways,

1) There were significant losses, and we are only back to the numbers of 1999. We still have 47% left to go to get back to where we were so we can break even.


2) Wow what any opportunity there was in March, maybe we should have made the attempt to learn about trends and how to capitalize on them so we can identify an opportunity like this in the future.

There were still investors out there who at the time lost money, but were intelligent enough to know that market would rebound and chose invest significantly more money than ever before. Now they have come out on top.

It is all perception.

We are entitled to nothing. We live in the greatest country in the world, we have our freedom to choose. There are no other resources we can ask for that gives us the ability to create success. It is up to us to create our dreams. The resources are available, we have the internet, and libraries which have more resources than we could possibly go through in one lifetime.

USE THEM! Self educate yourself and lets build some long lasting wealth together!

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