Dec 282009

Here we are, approaching a new year and a new decade! The question is, are you prepared for the success that you desire?

Goal Setting
It goes without saying that this is the time of year when people set their “resolutions” which I think is just a fancy way of saying a goal that I don’t intend on working too hard on. By setting a resolution you are taking the first step towards at least attempting to set a goal, but falling unfortunately short. A goal must, MUST be written down on paper if you intend on accomplishing it.

It is very easy to set a goal and have something to say when someone asks you, but it is an entirely different mentality when you write down and internalize your desires.

Here are some steps and tasks to help you really make your goals visible to you:

1. What do you really want?
2. Write it down
3. Put in order of priority

If you are really serious…
4. Make a vision board with pictures of what you see yourself having

This is your time to shine! Do not neglect your planning. “Lost time is never found again” -Ben Franklin

Good luck, God Bless, and have a wonderful New Year Celebration!

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Jan 282009


Let’s review, by now you have figured out:

What is most important to you? What does your ideal life look like? And you have determined your plan and where to find accountability?

Now here is the glue that makes it all stick together, the conditioning of your mind. Every thought that enters our conscious or unconscious mind has an effect on us. We must closely monitor and analyze what we allow into our mind.

Quick example: I used to fall asleep with my TV on, OOO boy! Never again! Who knows what is on and what is being put into my mind while I am sleeping.

Looking at the simplest little things like this can make a huge difference. Now, when I am going to sleep, I may leave a personal development audio on or some hypnosis stuff that is mentally enlightening. These are just some quick examples about effortless steps you can take.

What will require effort on your part is consciously identifying the information you intake on a daily basis.  Who’s opinions do you listen to, what situations you focus on and how you interpret them. We are all subjected to negativity on an ongoing basis, there is no avoiding it, but what we can avoid is allowing it to influence our focus away from where it needs to be.

When you have set that laser focus on you goal and you know without equivocation YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH IT there should be no opinion or news that will influence you to think otherwise. So often I meet people out networking and their main theme is “yea we are just surviving right now trying to stick out these rough times.” Now I understand business is slower in various industries, but I also know many industries are flourishing right now. There is no shortage of opportunity, just a shortage of ambitions and determination.

In the industry I am in we put a high value on personal development and it amazes me the people who I have had to reject working with simply because their incoachability. The majority of people have a negative outlook to start with, but when you are committed to it, that is when you have a problem. If this is you, CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE! Life is too short to dwell on what may happen, or the what if’s. Life is about abundance and liveliness, happiness and love, health and prosperity, just soooo many good things and all of them are at your finger tips.

Learning what we want isn’t very difficult, creating the plan, developing accountability to both your partners and yourself is going to make you take actions. But, once all this is complete the real adventure begins because once you learn what the mind is capable of there is no unlearning it. As seeking the positive attributes in other people and situations becomes second nature you will find yourself gravitating to success. It just happens like that!  Associations will change, income will change, life will change, but first YOU MUST CHANGE!

These four simple steps are what it takes to make a dramatic change in your lifestyle, are you up for it?!?

To YOUR success!

Good Luck

Jan 112009


Along with success comes responsibility.

The old statement “more money, more problems” seems to be a plague in our society. A great example is looking at some of the nation’s present circumstances. We had lots of broke people borrowing way more money than they could afford to pay back, and banks and lenders didn’t seem to mind or more importantly see the writing on the wall that the house of cards was about to come crashing down. Now we have people out of work, a housing crisis, and more people complaining than ever!

This is great! What a massive opportunity there is out there for all of us! Is this your perception? If not, why?

Every situation, every downfall, every obstacle that could possibly arise in an individual’s life presents an amazing opportunity. I know, I know it may not seem that way, especially at first, but the universe is operating perfectly and there is no denying that. Circumstance are 100% about perception. It is broken down very simply in the “The Slight Edge.”

Your philosophy derives your attitude. Your attitude creates your action. Your action determines your results. Your results build your lifestyle. “You are today where your thoughts have brought you, you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you,” –Emerson. Where will you be tomorrow?

Are you prepared to take responsibility for your thoughts? Successful people understand that with wealth comes sacrifice and responsibility. The 95% of the population who will be dead or dead broke by 65 years old are fortunately now being forced to analyze their life and learn something other than just existing and having a meaningless job.

Now is the time of sacrifice, but what will determine future success will be who is willing to take responsibility now and “sharpen their axe,” pick up a book, learn from those who have already done it, and get out there and allow the magnificence of the universe work for them.

Plan, do, review, plan, do review, plan, do, review is what is necessary to acquire the higher level of success we desire. Get a goals board, set up a mental movie for yourself watching yourself live your life the exact way you want it to look and watch the miracles begin to appear.

Good luck and have a wonderful day!