Jan 202010
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I am going to be a little blunt and upfront today, but it is for your own good… I promise.

With the changes in the economy many people are taking part in MLM, Network Marketing, and Unfranchise opportunities. Whatever title you give it is irrelevant, if you can’t talk about it with confidence and pride quit already, don’t waste your sponsors time and energy.

The fact is there are more people making hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in that industry than most others industries combined. But I am not coming to you today to sell you on the industry, I am here to help you competently promote your business at a local business networking events.

In a nut shell you must adopt the philosophy of “Sell to recruit, don’t recruit to sell!”

People do not go to business networking events looking to “start a plan B,” “make extra money,” “take advantage of a prelaunch,” “save money when they shop,” or any other overused network marketing phase. They go to build their business!

You took part in the opportunity you are in right now because you saw value in the products or services… At least I hope that’s what your decision was based on. If it was based on who started your company, who’s backing your company, or how much money you THINK you can make your failure is imminent.

Network marketing is no different than any other business. It must offer an affordable product or service that solves a problem or fills a need, and the easier the product or service is to duplicate the faster heavy competition will show up in the market.

At business networking events your purpose is no different than anyone else at the group, and that purpose is to add value. When you have the opportunity to speak about your products or services, speak about your product or service! Don’t waste the groups time talking about how you need more distributors, that is for you to discuss with the leadership of your company. Your product is useful and you are there to find alliances and customer referrals, if your product doesn’t pay you enough to just market it by itself and you NEED new distributors to get paid FIND SOMETHING ELSE!

Business networking and network marketing are almost identical. They both are based on finding other people to develop relationships with and create success. You have the opportunity to work with who you want and your success is only up to one person, YOU!

There are hundreds of events, and hundreds of opportunities out there one constant variable is, if you are with a reputable company, “you are either not doing something enough or you are not doing something right.” – Nick Serba One way or the other only you can make the alteration.

Together we can come together as a nation and motivate, build up, and inspire each other to create more success than ever before. But, a change is philosophies and motives is imperative.

To your success, I look forward to seeing you at the top!

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Jul 112009


What planning committee is out there putting together a business idea or marketing plan designed specifically with your best interest in mind? Nobody that’s who!

With all of the new and up and coming opportunities out there don’t just jump in to something that sounds good, do your do diligence, evaluate the opportunity, and make sure it will create a long term income that you can put some faith in. Second, make sure you are passionate about what you are doing. If you are going to begin selling or promoting a business you know you probably wouldn’t use yourself or only use once and be done with it what value do you think others will perceive?

The name of the game is longevity; long term, passive streams of income. Opening a new business or starting something where you are working from home needs to revolve around a system, and not a new system you have created. You want your new endeavor to become a long term asset that will continue to pay you into the future, and also potentially become a marketable business to sell. If you build it correctly you will be able to sell it for a profit, but more importantly you can arrange yourself a percentage of royalties.

The point is plug into a system already in place so that you are more capable of gauging your potential success. A company that can show you a track record, and a proven system of success that if you do X, X number of times here is what we have found out through repetition what is and is not effective.

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Nov 222008

There are dozens of companies out there both home based and brick & mortar I have seen people get involved with lately that realistically have absolutely no future at all. I hate seeing motivated and entrepreneurial people wasting their time, money and effort. Here are some tips in evaluating business opportunities created by the College of Business at Harvard:

1st) Evaluate the company. Is it a rock solid business? Has it with stood the test of time? Statistically 90% of business’ fail in their 1st year. Out of the 10% that made it, 80% of those fail within 5 years, and then of that 20%, 80% fall apart within ten years! Lots of statistics I know, but they are necessary when evaluating an opportunities longevity. Also, does the company have the capital and infrastructure to grow for years to come?

2nd) The Need in the Market Place. This is an area where I think people get lost. They are presented an opportunity to make what appears to be great money and then shown a product that is not fulfilling a need. Ask yourself is what you are offering a luxury item or is it a “NOW purchase” that will help consumers with a situations they are presently experiencing? Also, is it a recession proof product or service, or is it at the mercy of the economy?

3rd) The Product. How useful is it? How easily can the concept be replicated? I see company after company starting up, promoting people join and a few months later an almost identical company pops up and offers something very similar. Is the product or service something that can be replicated by changing a few simple components and will soon be offered in retail stores? And do you even see enough value in this product or service to even consider it a business opportunity? Please do not let people sell you on your dream, if you believe in the product/service you have a much higher chance at becoming successful.

4th) The Compensation. Obviously if you went to work for an entire week and then payday came and there was no check you wouldn’t stick around, right? I have looked into many opportunities over the past 3 years and have been told “You can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in residual income in the first 1-2 years.” This is nonsense. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is! There is a difference between residual income and passive income. Quick definition: Residual income– is compensation you receive for doing something one time and getting paid over and over again. (EX: Insurance, a service that is sold one time and as long as it stays on the books the agents continues to get paid.) Passive Income– Income you receive for other peoples efforts, if someone in your organization makes a sale you get a piece and as long as they continue to sell you continue to earn.

Once an item is purchased there is typically no more compensation. Wouldn’t it be nice if when a realtor sold a house they got paid every time the customer opened the door? Absolutely, but they don’t they get a one time commission and their broker gets an override (passive income).

5th) Timing. This is the most important area in my opinion. How many other companies are able to do what you do or duplicate what you do? Is it the right marketplace and the right time for your company? I like what a mentor of mine Anthony Teegarden says, “It isn’t enough to be in the right place at the right time, you must also be the right person.” Look at the market penetration and where the company is projected to go. Know that when a product of service reaches 2% market penetration that is what is called critical mass and it then become self evident and explodes into the market. That statistic is from the book “The Tipping Point” you should check it out!

This is a criteria Harvard Business College came up with and I think they know what they are talking about. So before you jump into a opportunity that isn’t going to deliver on its promises please, please evaluate it properly.

Have a profitable day!

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