Apr 182009


In times when people are a little worried because of the inundation of CNN (constant negative news) everywhere I thought I would identify a few reasons why being nice can, one person at a time, make the world and economy a better place.

1. You will brighten others day

2. Feel better about yourself

3. Make others feel important

4. Help someone in need

5. You are more likeable

6. Make more friends

7. Become a center of influence

8. You become a more attractive person

9. Attract nicer people

10. Gain respect

11. Become more interestING be being interestED

12. People are nicer to you

13. Others look to help you

14. Get more Business


By taking the initiative to go out of your way to be nice and help others together we will, one person at a time, make the world a much nicer place to live. Just think of the last time someone went out of their way to help you and how it made you feel.

Tomorrow, try and keep your eyes and ears open for someone who you can make a positive impact on their life that you normally wouldn’t think of, even if it is just a compliment.

You look very nice today! You are great at that, can you teach me? I like your shoes!

Whatever you do don’t forget a smile!