Apr 062009


With the recent explosion in business networking events there are a lot of people making their way around town collecting cards and passing out as many as they can. You may be a part of this trend, but are you being seen as a valuable contact or just another business card?

It doesn’t matter how many cards you collect or how many cards you pass out, what matters is the way you are able to increase others quality of life. Are you building relationships or have you become a card collecting spammer?

The valuable networker is the networker who can first ask questions to identify what others need, and second have the resources in their sphere of influence to get others connected with those who can benefit them. Having the ability to effectively get others connected with resources that will advance their business will increase your personal value exponentially.

Being busy and being valuable are two very different things, but if you can manage to be busy being valuable you start to become dangerous. Depending on your marketing plan your personal branding will begin to grow stronger and stronger. More people will know you, more people will like you, and most importantly more people will trust you. The more people trust you and like your style the more business will just seem to fall into place. Referrals will come from different directions, it will be easier to get in the door while prospecting, and your confidence will continue to build as a result.

Posture is everything, but don’t be cocky. You may be a world renowned expert, but your credibility will only be good as your humility.

Patience, interest, and humbleness are the three key components in becoming a valuable asset to anyone. Master these traits and not only will you business grow faster, but your life will begin to manifest all to you could ever dream of.

Mar 202009


How can you maximize your advertising and networking, dollar and time?

Well, first thing is first, budget your time wisely. Many of us have multiple projects going on at one time, and multitasking is realistically getting farther behind than ahead.

There are four areas of our business that take up a lot of our time: Meetings, Paperwork/emails, Networking meetings, and Online Networking. A questions I am often asked when brainstorming with colleagues is “how do you find so much time to go to networking meetings, when do you work?” This is an easy answer because I know what my revenue generating activity is, and meeting more people to keep my pipeline filled is more beneficial than sitting getting paperwork done during business hours. All other activities get scheduled around networking and meeting with people. Have a one on one with someone before and after a networking meeting.

These two activities are really the ONLY activities that have a true schedule or must be done during traditional business hours. Paperwork, emails, online networking can all be done before 9 and after 5 if you really do have to catch up on things.

Traditional networking meetings and online networking can be more useful than you can possibly imagine! The power of aligning yourself with other likeminded people will grow your business exponentially. If you haven’t been in the networking scene very long here are a few articles you can check out that will help you out: networking articles.

For you professionals who know how to connect with people AND get others connected it is no different doing it online. I hear people asking all the time “how do I utilize Facebook, Linked-In, and all of these other sites?” GO MAKE FRIENDS!!! An easy way to think of it is you are at a networking event, but you have total control of the professions, industries, and people you meet. Really the internet is a networking event on steroids.

It is easy to build a friends list, just like it is easy to collect cards, but what are you doing or what can you do to connect and be a valuable resource to others? If you are just adding friends to your social networking accounts it is no different than collecting cards and filing them. You must make the effort to converse and build relationships with people online.

There is no excuse, you don’t even have to leave your living room!! It is great to build your network and add 10-20 new friends or collect 10-20 new cards a day, but if you aren’t willing to invest the time to build a relationship with others you are doing no more than spinning your wheels.

Let’s get back to the basics and ask the simple question of “how are you doing today and is there anything I can help you with?”

There is your million dollar question.

Feb 242009


In times of uncertainty it is important to spend time focusing on RGA, Revenue Generating  Actions. Are all facets of your day to day activity bringing income into your household? If not why, and what can you do to change that?

The answer is become more valuable.

Become more valuable as a person, business owner, friend, partner, networker, make yourself an asset to those around you. You are the only one in control of your goals and actions. You decide your associations, what you read, and what you allow to be influential and only you know if what the effects are.

In the business community it is very advantageous to become a student of networking. Find out how to make the most out of every event, but also learn how to do so online. You can only meet so many people going out and about personally, but when you learn how to make your time on your computer just as valuable as your time at live events your efforts can only multiply. A phenomenal resource for learning this is www.sethgodin.com.

Before you can be valuable online you must learn how to become more valuable in person. Take time everyday to “sharpen your axe.” When you sit down with people take notes, utilize your database and the databases of people in your network to find resources for those you meet with. By doing this you are increasing your value to the person you met with, others in your network, and people in your networks network. It continues to build deeper and deeper and you become more and more of a resource.

The one key factor that you must have is a genuine interest in learning about others and the desire to help them unconditionally.

Your income and success is up to you and you alone.