May 152009


Having the proper mindset when attending business networking events is imperative. Realizing that these events are not about you, but about everyone you come in contact with and how you can benefit them will make your life much less stressful.

When YOU can identify and explain someone’s challenges better than they can YOU will be seen as an authority figure and will be sought out for the answers. This doesn’t mean have a product or service in your back pocket to pitch that will potentially assist this person. People don’t want things they want results. What value are you able to provide and how fast are you able to provide it? Your level of success depends on the size of the challenge you can resolve, whether that is in your business or someone else’s.

You must know what YOUR target looks like, and be able to explain that in as few words as possible. Be the example. When you are able to say I want to meet XYZ person, in ZYX industry or I would like an introduction to YXZ company and STOP TALKING. You have just allowed that person to either begin thinking of someone they can connect you with or left it open for them to ask you the question of WHY or WHAT DO YOU DO?

When you are being asked these questions “don’t vomit all over them,” give a two sentence answer and reflect a question back to them to begin identifying who they are, what they do, who they are looking for, and what are successful actions or challenges they have faced that you may be able to assist them in to help them achieve their next level of success.

Become a selfless problem solver and idea factory for all that you meet. When you have mastered this you will become the “go to” person for whatever comes up in your client or colleagues life.

Willingly help others with no expectation of anything in return and your life and your business will flourish!

Good luck, now let’s go meet some people!

Feb 242009


In times of uncertainty it is important to spend time focusing on RGA, Revenue Generating  Actions. Are all facets of your day to day activity bringing income into your household? If not why, and what can you do to change that?

The answer is become more valuable.

Become more valuable as a person, business owner, friend, partner, networker, make yourself an asset to those around you. You are the only one in control of your goals and actions. You decide your associations, what you read, and what you allow to be influential and only you know if what the effects are.

In the business community it is very advantageous to become a student of networking. Find out how to make the most out of every event, but also learn how to do so online. You can only meet so many people going out and about personally, but when you learn how to make your time on your computer just as valuable as your time at live events your efforts can only multiply. A phenomenal resource for learning this is

Before you can be valuable online you must learn how to become more valuable in person. Take time everyday to “sharpen your axe.” When you sit down with people take notes, utilize your database and the databases of people in your network to find resources for those you meet with. By doing this you are increasing your value to the person you met with, others in your network, and people in your networks network. It continues to build deeper and deeper and you become more and more of a resource.

The one key factor that you must have is a genuine interest in learning about others and the desire to help them unconditionally.

Your income and success is up to you and you alone.

Jan 122009


With the increase in business networking events over the past year it is amazing listening to the different results the attendees are getting, but it is unfortunate to see the majority come and go without even realizing what they are missing out on. Networking business to business, and business to consumer is, in my opinion, the easiest and least expensive form of advertising out there, period. But why does it work so well for some and not at all for others?

The answer is very simple. Networking is more than just going to events and passing around cards and pitching your product or service, it is about selling yourself as a valuable person. If you are out meeting with people for your profession you have certainly heard “the customer isn’t buying the product they are buying you.” This is the name of the game, but rarely do you hear people talk about how they are able to help others rather than giving a plug for their business.

Here are 5 imperative lessons you must put into action immediately if you want networking to be a useful tool in your business.

1) Your goal is NOT to see how fast you can give out all of your business cards.

2) When you are on your way to an event begin to think about what other business you have met with in the past and what they are looking for so when you are mingling or listening to others commercials you can identify a great lead for someone else immediately. (If you are just starting networking and don’t have a large network yet be prepared to, listen, listen, listen, to what everyone else is looking for so you can begin increasing your value.)

3) When someone asks what you do, don’t vomit all over them. Have a short pitch or commercial that “plants a seed” with your new FRIEND. Your goal is to build rapport & curiosity as fast as possible, with minimal talking on your part, and turn the focus from you to them. Your goal is to learn about others and how you can help their business.

4) Allow your goal at every event be, how many ideas, leads, and referrals can I get out that will help others advance their business. NOT how can I get more business for myself.

Don’t email everyone you met after the meeting with a mass email saying how great it was to have met you and I am looking forward to seeing you again. This is a waste of your time and the other attendee’s time. If you are not willing to make the effort and send personal greetings don’t bother sending anything.

Your objective is to make FRIENDS. People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Do your friends know, like, and trust you? Wouldn’t they be inclined to help your business? A must read is “How to Win FRIENDS and Influence People,” if you haven’t read this book get up right now and go buy it, don’t order it online, get off your ass, go to the store pick it up and read it as fast as possible.  It will benefit you more than you can imagine.

Good luck and happy networking!