Oct 262008

How great would it be if everyone that we had any type of relationship with was a producing income source for us? I’ll tell you what, it would be spectacular, but how can we accomplish this?

“The way you can stand out from your competitors is for you to position your self as a business part ner, always looking for ways to improve your customer’s business.” –Brian Tracy

The first question you must ask yourself is, “how valuable am I to others?” Are you someone people go to when they need to find a contact? If not, why? As business owners or just a leader in general it is up to you to be a point of contact for as many people as possible.

Anytime a customer, friend, colleague, business partner, or anyone else that you know is looking for a product, contact, service, or idea you must be the first person that pops into their mind. Become a mentor to all that ask of you. Begin to build a massive network, keep notes on the people you “click” with best, continue developing yourself personally, and network proactively rather than reactively.

When you are out and about ask questions and listen to what others are saying. I guarantee you within a week you will begin to get people connected left and right. Find out who can save your colleagues and clients the most money on ongoing expenses like telecom, insurance, and payroll. Find the best people in these industries in your market and develop a strategic alliance with them. If you are out saving people time and money all over town, one, people will not be able to tell you they can’t afford your service if you have saved them more than your service costs, and two, they are now willing to go out of their way to do something nice for you.

Once you begin to utilize the principals of reciprocity you will be amazed how you are able to advance your business.

Now go meet some people!