May 152011

[google1]Much like how life is always changing and evolving so is consumerism. What was the last sizable purchase you made? How did you start the process?

One of the most interesting things to me is analyzing how buying patterns shift. The psychology behind how people make purchases has changed dramatically over the last few decades. A friend of mine, Rusty Fox, was doing a training and told us the story of how the purchase of a microwave has evolved over the last 30 or so years.

Now, I wasn’t around 30 years ago, but this still makes perfect sense.

When someone wanted to go buy a microwave or a comparable item where would they probably end up? Some place like Sears, or another local appliance store. The person with all the info was the well dressed sales person, typically a man, who was there to tell you all the great benefits and all the amazing features your new “toy” would have. There wasn’t much validation to his sales pitch other than his word, but he sure did get you excited about having your steak reheated in only a minute!

So how has this changed? Sears is still around, now we even have Lowes and Home Depot. Ask yourself this, “When I go into a store do I really need a sales person’s assistance in helping me make my decision or do I just need them to show the right isle?”

We have taken the product knowledge responsibility away from the sales person and tossed it online so we can figure things out for ourselves.

“I don’t want something I need, I want something I want.” – Quote from the movie, “Love Actually

We want to come to conclusions on our own; the skilled sales person is no longer the one who provides valuable information, it is the one who can best lead someone to coming to a decision based on information they already had. This is why marketing online is so revolutionary and effective, the conclusions have already been made and consumers are searching for the product to purchase.

How do you engage with potential customers and become an information resource they can use to investigate products and services? Are you bold enough to review your competition and highlight their benefits? (You should be because as an affiliate you can get paid on it!)