Mar 252010

There are a lot of sales trainings out there, and like we all already know we must never stop learning.

The flip side to this is the type of training we choose. Regular old sales training is still an important part of business, but new tools have come about. The Internet!

Check out this short video and get a few ideas on how to take advantage of technology to obtain more inbound sales rather than chasing them all over town.

Losing is a learning experience. It teaches you humility. It teaches you to work harder. It’s also a powerful motivator.” – Yogi Berra

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Feb 152010

Black Ink Grunge Stamp Texture Social Media Icons
is there ever a lot of confusion going on about Social Media and how to make sense of it all. I was talking to a business person the other day and his comments about not needing Social Media as a part of his marketing strategy shocked me. He didn’t understand the value to his business and actually saw it as a big time waster.

My response to him was that every business needs Social Media Marketing as a part of their overall marketing strategy. Social Media is no longer a “nice to have” marketing strategy, it’s a “must have” marketing strategy.

Everyone goes online to look for products or services and research companies before doing business with them. The days of looking in the Yellow Pages for what you want are almost gone. What makes you and your business any different?

The power of social media has no even begun to scratch the scratch of its potential. The unfortunate part of this all is many people choose not to educate themselves on the subject and are getting farther and farther behind. This is a facet of business which, without exaggeration, evolves on a daily basis.

There is always a new shiny object there to capture our attention, but what is important is having a strategy, a game plan. Not only a game plan for your marketing, but also a game plan for how to stay informed with new technology and trends.

As a Social Media Marketing Specialist, I decided to formalize a home study coaching program to help people on a tight budget with the What, Why and How of Social Media so they can put together a strategy that makes sense for their business. You can check it out at to see if it answers some of those big questions about Social Media you might have.

Happy New Year!

Kathy Perry, Social Media Marketing Specialist

P.S. You can also download my free ebook at:

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Dec 122009

“Life is not about being liked, It is about being effective” –Joel Bauer

In today’s market we must either adapt or die, both in life and in business. The definition of insanity has changed! No longer is it an incorrect expectation to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result, in fact you can count on something new happening. Can you guess what it is?

You now have the ability to lose money for doing the same things over and over that used to make you money. If you choose not to evolve with the times your business will be left behind.

joel bauer

We are living witnesses to the most amazing advances in business ever. Our marketing cost can be drastically reduced and we can reach far more people than ever before in a fraction of the time. This is new and uncomfortable for most of you to comprehend, but age and excuses make no difference it is happening with or without you.

What matters now is what are you going to change in 2010? What changes are you going to make in your marketing plan to reach higher levels of success? What changes in your schedule will you make to allow time for personal development and continuous education?

Change is eminent!

The resources are all at your finger tips. Look up people like: Brian Tracy, Joel Bauer, Jim Rohn, Social Media Examiner, Mari Smith, and so many more. There is an abundance of FREE and extremely valuable information available to you.

Make excuses a thing of the past. Embrace the changes in your field. Get out there and make today your most successful day ever!

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