Dec 052008

In all areas of our life from business to relationships it is important to plan our work and work our plan. I really like this statement, but there also must be a time to review what we have done.

Sometimes when a business workout partner of mine and I are brainstorming we will be going back and forth asking each other, “What has been working at your networking events, and in your business to help it grow the most?” Honestly, I am just as guilty as any when I have to fess up and sometimes say, “I really don’t know.”

I am sure many of you will agree with me when say that is a difficult statement to make when you have such high expectations of yourself. Keeping accurate tracking on the results of our efforts may seem like a very mundane activity, but that is just what may be separating you from the success you desire. Success in any area of our life is centered on mastering the mundane.

You want to be thin and healthy? Exercise and eat less. Have a successful business? Model those who have already accomplished it. It always, ALWAYS boils down the acronym KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

I love what Jim Rohn says, “If you can do it, it is easy.” Often when I am out and about I over hear someone say tracking their results is hard, or cold calling is hard, or whatever XYZ is too hard. I laugh to myself a little and simply say, “Yes, it may require more effort than your other activities, but how much better will your results be if you take the extra time to do it?” The answer almost always is, “Well I don’t know exactly, but I know it really would help advance my business.”

If you know something is going to improve the quality of your life, DO IT! It will only be “hard” for a little while, and then you know what? It will become a habit, second nature, and you will achieve far more than you have ever imagined possible!

Good luck and let’s make it happen!

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