Nov 182008

There is an order to all movement in life.

Life has a flow at all times, and in all areas. Everything from your networking and business, to your health and wellbeing has a constant flow to it. There are certainly times in life when we may find ourselves getting impatient with the speed of progression and that is what I would like to address when talking about this universal law.

When we are taught how to set goals for instance, we are instructed to give it a time frame. Well that is great, but what happens to our demeanor when we fall short or life happens and things get postponed? For those who are goal setters this can be a little frustrating and I am here to encourage you to embrace the failure. Every failure has a purpose, as does every success.

Here is what I have learned by experience, whatever is going to happen is going to happen, period. Previously, when I was in a social setting and someone asked me “what’s going on?” My answer used to be “Making things happen!” Only now I have realized I am not making anything happen at all, I am doing all that I can to prompt specific events and business deals to take place and because of the rhythm I have put myself into I simply “let things happen.” Once you can set your plan, do what you need to do, and review your actions all that is left is to let things happen.

Please don’t misinterpret me here and go out into massive action and then sit back and wait for things to fall into place, instead plug into the rhythm of life. Get into the flow of your business, of your health, of your relationships, and allow yourself to create a steady pace. I personally love what a mentor of mine told me when I started my business; he said “Joe, the people who succeed are those who can master the art of relaxed intensity.”

Staying calm, knowing the universe is operating absolutely perfectly, and putting a big smile on your face to greet the world while going through any situation is where you will find yourself after understanding the principles of the universe.

Life has a constant flow, enjoy it!

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