Nov 172008

All opposites are different degrees of the same thing.

I am sure you have heard the expression “opposites attract.” When you have a magnet the positive attracts the negative, correct? Failure is accompanied by success.

There are countless examples of successful people who have gone through tremendous failures only to prevail exceptionally well. The difference maker is their persistence. If you can wrap your head around this universal law it can empower you to have the courage to get through any situation regardless of how dramatic or severe it may be.

Walt Disney for example went bankrupt multiple times before finally succeeding in the creation of what all of us know today as Disney World/Land. Abraham Lincoln had dozens of failures throughout his life until he became president and abolished slavery. What would the world be like if just these two men didn’t press on and know without equivocation they were going to achieve something great?

How much are you capable of? Are you willing to continue on through the fog to get to the light, regardless of what it takes?

You could be the next triumphant individual to make a monumental change in the world!

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Nov 162008

This is a law commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction.

The phrase has been a popular topic in the personal development world recently, and I thought that I had a pretty good grasp of it. What I found out once I was able to understand the principles behind what was really transpiring was that life is operating absolutely perfectly for everyone. Life, up until this point, has given you everything that your mind has requested with emotion.

It was interesting to think that my life journey has been going absolutely perfectly all this time…. It made me question, what about when this happened, and that happened, and why didn’t that go the way I wanted it to, why, why, why!! I found myself thinking.

What I found out was, pretty much every experience in life negative or positive was once a thought in my mind or someone else’s mind who I was dealing with. Every thought has a frequency to it. It is stated that the frequency of thought is of cosmic proportions and has the most powerful frequency. I like James Ray’s analogy.

We all understand that Radios waves have a certain frequency, and that it isn’t the box in our car’s console that is creating what we listen to. It is a similar relationship between you and the universe, only you are the transmitter and receiver, and the universe is provides the response signal giving you what you requested.

Once I understood that everything has a frequency, the source of the frequency (emotion) defines the intensity, and the human thought creates the most powerful frequencies. I was then able to seriously work on my business and other areas of my life that I wanted to see change in.

Life gets better every day and yours can too. Continue to read and analyze these principles and you will undoubtedly see a change.
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