Jan 302010
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Business Networking to your success!

It is easy to find business networking functions to go to, but what does it take to make it worth the time investment?

I have broken it down into 6 MUST HAVE qualities. Each are very easy. Easy is anything that you can do. The flip side is everything that is easy to do is also easy not to do. If you aren’t willing to adopt these 6 qualities don’t even waste your time going to business networking events.

  1. Desire to help others unconditionally– Giving with the expectation of getting something in return is not the objective. Help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want… Not necessarily from the person you helped!
  2. Positive attitude– This is a MUST!! We each have enough crap to listen to everywhere else. If you don’t have anything constructive to contribute just SHUT UP!
  3. Willingness to participate in meetings– Don’t sit there in silence when you have the opportunity to, at very least, ask a question. You are there to meet people and be perceived as a valuable resource.
  4. Be prepared– Know your ideal client, referral partner, other event locations, etc.
  5. Good Hygiene– Know one wants to be around people that smell or have bad breath.
  6. Follow up– Meet with the people you met at an event on a one on one basis. Your purpose is not to sell the group with your commercial, it is to create an interest in meeting with you at a later time.

The best part about mastering these few things is it shouldn’t be that difficult. I love what Jeffrey Gitomer said in his book “Little Black Book of Connections,” “Everything you need to know about networking you leaned in grade school.” This couldn’t be more true!

Take a bath, play nice, do your homework, and participate in class. Many of you have kids, lead by example! For those of you who don’t have kids, like myself, get with the program!

Let’s get out there and create massive success!

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