Mar 312009


Have you ever been around a group of people saying, “I wish I could do this or I wish I could have that? “ Maybe you have said a variation of these phrases yourself. Well I am here to say stop using your wishbone and start using your backbone!

I am sure being the driven person that you are you have all of your goals written down and set with a time element already, but are you doing all that you can to accomplish them? A great way to find out is examine whether your decisions are made based on commitment or comfort.

If you had something to do earlier in the morning than normal and it wasn’t imperative to get done, but you knew it would get you a little close to your goal, and you wake up and still feel tired would you suck it up and get out of bed or roll back over? You see it is the little sacrifices we are willing to make that make all the difference.

When you can do what you planned long after that excited feeling you had when you set the goal has left, that is when you know you have a burning desire for accomplishment. When you take the rolling over for a few more minutes avenue that may be an indicator that your desire is merely a wish and you may want to more clearly define your goal to something that does truly motivate you.

It isn’t what we say or plan that describes who we are; it is what we do that defines us.

What defines you?

Jan 112009


Along with success comes responsibility.

The old statement “more money, more problems” seems to be a plague in our society. A great example is looking at some of the nation’s present circumstances. We had lots of broke people borrowing way more money than they could afford to pay back, and banks and lenders didn’t seem to mind or more importantly see the writing on the wall that the house of cards was about to come crashing down. Now we have people out of work, a housing crisis, and more people complaining than ever!

This is great! What a massive opportunity there is out there for all of us! Is this your perception? If not, why?

Every situation, every downfall, every obstacle that could possibly arise in an individual’s life presents an amazing opportunity. I know, I know it may not seem that way, especially at first, but the universe is operating perfectly and there is no denying that. Circumstance are 100% about perception. It is broken down very simply in the “The Slight Edge.”

Your philosophy derives your attitude. Your attitude creates your action. Your action determines your results. Your results build your lifestyle. “You are today where your thoughts have brought you, you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you,” –Emerson. Where will you be tomorrow?

Are you prepared to take responsibility for your thoughts? Successful people understand that with wealth comes sacrifice and responsibility. The 95% of the population who will be dead or dead broke by 65 years old are fortunately now being forced to analyze their life and learn something other than just existing and having a meaningless job.

Now is the time of sacrifice, but what will determine future success will be who is willing to take responsibility now and “sharpen their axe,” pick up a book, learn from those who have already done it, and get out there and allow the magnificence of the universe work for them.

Plan, do, review, plan, do review, plan, do, review is what is necessary to acquire the higher level of success we desire. Get a goals board, set up a mental movie for yourself watching yourself live your life the exact way you want it to look and watch the miracles begin to appear.

Good luck and have a wonderful day!

Jan 052009


What are you in position for this year?

Are you ready for victory or prepared for defeat?

For those of you who believe the Universe is operating perfectly and your life is no more than a parenthesis in eternity this is your time! Think about parenthesis for just a moment, you use them in a sentence to add value or information, correct? If they weren’t there the sentence should still make sense. Allow the principle of constantly adding value become your life mission.

Think about the value you add to others lives. Are you prepared to help others unconditionally? This is where fortunes are being created. Those who can help the most people will receive the most reward. Whether is a spiritual reward, personal gratification, financial compensation, you rarely see people unhappy when they know they are making a difference and contributing something to someone else without the expectation of something in return.

You must not only have the will to win, but the will to prepare to win. Take the time to set up a game plan and goals. How many people will you talk to today? How many new friends will you make? How will you achieve the financial independence you seek? I love what AL Williams says when he hears of people getting 2nd or 3rd jobs thinking that will create more security. He says “being the only person contributing to your income is not only dumb, it’s double dumb!”

If financial security and prosperity is a goal you are striving for set a goal to have X number of people contributing to your household income by the end of the year and work backwards from there. You must have the destination in mind in order to find the way. It is once you have found the way the life happens, so be aware. Isn’t it typically when you make a decision to accomplish something or quit something that in no time at all a test is presented? You want to quit smoking and the first gas station you go to is giving them away two packs at a time. You want to make 50 business calls, but your friend just called and said we are taking the boat out it’s a beautiful day. Are you willing to make the small sacrifices today in order to live your dreams tomorrow?

Every single person in this country is in the position to earn hundreds of thousand even millions of dollars this year, but the question becomes are you willing to sacrifice. The opportunities are there, the systems have been created, and the time is NOW!

Make a few vocabulary and beliefs changes and watch your world transform. Instead of saying “I need more money,” BELIEVE “The money I require comes frequently and abundantly.” Instead of saying “I need to lose weight,” BELIEVE “I am losing weight everyday because I am making a conscious effort to do so.”

Your vocabulary, beliefs, and actions are what is creating you universal positioning all of which you have total control over. Claim your control, take action, and let make 2009 the most prosperous year ever!