Jun 012011

Have you ever gone somewhere that you frequent, a restaurant, amusement park, club, coffee shop, etc; somewhere you have “regular” place you sit or thing you do as you arrive and when you get there something has changed and your “usual” pattern is interrupted?

Your first reaction is probably “what the hell is going on here!” You showed up with one expectation and when you got there you were unwillingly exposed to something new. Now, are you the type of person who embraces change, or are you the pain in the ass nobody likes to deal with because the world has stopped revolving around you for a moment?

With the understanding that there are generational gaps in communication, it is important that we attempt to bridge these gaps with questions and understanding. Stubbornness and being set in our ways in no excuse, especially in this day in age where every day the world is changing in hundreds of millions of ways.

Embracing change and accepting that there is no stopping it is one of the most powerful characteristics we can adopt.

When we can open up to allowing optimism and gratitude to be the attitude we have about technological change and even differences in business management styles we can truly engage in the exponential growth many are experiencing in their business today.

What is an example of something you have experienced where your pattern was interrupted? How did it make you feel?