Jan 282009


Let’s review, by now you have figured out:

What is most important to you? What does your ideal life look like? And you have determined your plan and where to find accountability?

Now here is the glue that makes it all stick together, the conditioning of your mind. Every thought that enters our conscious or unconscious mind has an effect on us. We must closely monitor and analyze what we allow into our mind.

Quick example: I used to fall asleep with my TV on, OOO boy! Never again! Who knows what is on and what is being put into my mind while I am sleeping.

Looking at the simplest little things like this can make a huge difference. Now, when I am going to sleep, I may leave a personal development audio on or some hypnosis stuff that is mentally enlightening. These are just some quick examples about effortless steps you can take.

What will require effort on your part is consciously identifying the information you intake on a daily basis.  Who’s opinions do you listen to, what situations you focus on and how you interpret them. We are all subjected to negativity on an ongoing basis, there is no avoiding it, but what we can avoid is allowing it to influence our focus away from where it needs to be.

When you have set that laser focus on you goal and you know without equivocation YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH IT there should be no opinion or news that will influence you to think otherwise. So often I meet people out networking and their main theme is “yea we are just surviving right now trying to stick out these rough times.” Now I understand business is slower in various industries, but I also know many industries are flourishing right now. There is no shortage of opportunity, just a shortage of ambitions and determination.

In the industry I am in we put a high value on personal development and it amazes me the people who I have had to reject working with simply because their incoachability. The majority of people have a negative outlook to start with, but when you are committed to it, that is when you have a problem. If this is you, CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE! Life is too short to dwell on what may happen, or the what if’s. Life is about abundance and liveliness, happiness and love, health and prosperity, just soooo many good things and all of them are at your finger tips.

Learning what we want isn’t very difficult, creating the plan, developing accountability to both your partners and yourself is going to make you take actions. But, once all this is complete the real adventure begins because once you learn what the mind is capable of there is no unlearning it. As seeking the positive attributes in other people and situations becomes second nature you will find yourself gravitating to success. It just happens like that!  Associations will change, income will change, life will change, but first YOU MUST CHANGE!

These four simple steps are what it takes to make a dramatic change in your lifestyle, are you up for it?!?

To YOUR success!

Good Luck

Jan 222009


Do you believe you deserve or have the ability to achieve the lifestyle you desire?

After you determine what is important to you now you can take the time to dig deep and determine what your ideal life style looks like. What tends to hinder people once their goals are set is their inner belief in themselves.

We can set all the goals, put up all the pictures, do all the visualization we want, but if we allow that little voice of doubt that say “you’re not good enough, you can’t do it, that will never happen,” it will never feel like enough.

A great way to train yourself to learn what voice to listen to and what voice to ignore is when you are saying to yourself “I can do this, I am this,” whenever your thought begins with “I” that is your success mechanism. When you think to yourself “You are, You can’t,” anything that beginning with “You” it is your failure mechanism activating and your unconscious mind creates the perception of doubt and failure. IGNORE this voice! When you have a thought that is “you ___” make a conscious effort to retaliate on it with an “I AM” statement. At first this will take conscious effort, but in time it will become second nature and you will have weakened the failure mechanism to a point of no return.

So as you take the time to put your goals down on paper, in pictures around your house, allow them to appear in your day dreams, as your desires and goals consume you please remind yourself you are worthy. You are great and deserving of all that is wonderful. We are designed for greatness, but programmed for failure. This is why it is so necessary to surround yourself with those who have accomplished what you aspire to. They will become your support.

John Addison has a great CD titles “Don’t listen to anyone more screwed up than you are.” The title itself should be explanation enough to avoid listening to people who will try to drag you down. Life is too short to adopt other people beliefs about your actions.

Take a few hours to set your goals, find out what your ideal life looks like and begin believing you can and will accomplish it. When someone asks you what do you want to be doing in 10 years you can say it with confidence and without hesitation.

Good luck and stay tuned for part 3!

Dec 152008

Whose belief systems and ideals are you abiding by?

A friend of mine Rahul, just wrote a great article about dealing with criticism and the challenges we face while doing so, which is a little of what sparked me to write this today.

At 21 years old I decided to leave college and pursue my dream of freedom.  I didn’t care if I had to struggle to get things going, my over all desire was to never write a resume or fill out a job application. Well it is three years later and I have accomplished this goal thus far, not without family and friends criticisms and hours spent enlightening me why I have made poor decisions.

The one thing everyone who had an opinion on my life choices had in common was all of them had not accomplished what I knew I would.  The first rule in my thought process of education is: learn from those who have achieved what you aspire to. Granted you can learn something from everyone, but make sure you being educated on the right subject. It is unfortunate that common sense isn’t so common and people with an outstanding drive and ambition will take advice from those who are lazy and unaccomplished who will inevitably rain on their parade and hold them back from achieving their dreams.

Why follow the norm? Why not be different? All of the greatest discoveries ever where made by those who were seen to be strange and crazy. Einstein, Lincoln, Columbus, the list can go on for days. Take a moment to think about what these people have accomplished and lets kick it up a notch and get a little crazy!

The first thing you must do and realize is you need to have you goals and dreams written down or up on a vision board so they are constantly in your face. If you don’t know where you want to go any road will take you there. I read a few months ago that something like only 5% of people actually write down what they want in life, 5%! It is ridiculous when you think about it, everyone wants more. More money, more time freedom, more cars, more vacations, more stuff, more, more, more! If you want more, do more, and chances are you will probably have to do some stuff you have never done, because “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

The faster you can break away from the norm and change the way you look at things, the less you will end up stepping in you know what.

“If you follow the herd you’ll end up stepping in shit.”