Sep 202010

Success is this way
If it were about the “How To’s” we would all be skinny rich and happy! The question is how can we master the mundane in our businesses and keep ourselves accountable???

I am going to be totally honest and let you know I am writing this post to give myself a good kick in the butt, and create some more accountability in my own life.

Marketing is really just a combination of doing the things we know we need to do i order to generate more business and satisfy all of our customers. I think we all know the basic principles: get in front of more people, consistently add value, great customer service, maintain the sense of pride and ownership in what we do, repeat all steps over and over again, etc. I am not afraid to admit I drop the ball on practicing what I preach 100% of the time with maintaining some of my own projects.

Is there anyone else out there who notices they are more willing to spend time working with and helping others before they complete their own tasks?!? Earning more money, and helping people is wonderful and gratifying, but does it compensate for the personal frustration you feel when you look at your own projects and say, “Damn, I should have had this done weeks ago!

I have recently been suffering from “it is easy to do, but it is also easy not to do,” syndrome for a little while now. You can obviously see that blog posts have gone from weekly to monthly… 😛

So! What can we do about it!

I am going to make a public commitment today to set my goals and objectives, post them here so you can see, and make myself accountable to all of you wonderful people and myself. If you would like to participate in this exercise please share in the comment area just 1 goal you would like to accomplish by next week, at least 1 other goal for the next 30 days (You are welcome to share more), AND what will be your penalty if you do not accomplish these goals??? There must be a sense of “suffering” other than “oops, I didn’t do my goal for the week.” Together we can create a more profitable and accountable community!

Each week we will give a shout out to all of those who have met their goals so when it catches on and we have a few people participating each week we can think of some fun bonuses.

This Weeks Goal:

  • Write/ Video 5 new blog posts (Excluding this one) and schedule them to post every 8 days by Sunday night

30 Day Goal:

  • Create another 200 tutorials videos for eMarketing Vault
  • Develop a regular social media schedule
  • Be the #1 Blog Commenter on TSA
  • Gym 4 times a week


  • Wake up at 6am everyday for a week, even weekends! And for a month if monthly goals are not accomplished (Not a big deal for most of you, but I am rarely ever awake before 8am)

Thanks everyone! See you at the top!!

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Jan 062010

La Jolla Goal Wall

We often set goals, but don’t have a road map on effectively mapping them out. Use these 13 steps in your life and business and you will be suprised on how much more comfortable your business life will be. Enjoy!

1. Set Short & Long Goals –Have end dates. Know your obstacles and solutions to beat them. Be Specific. Write them done daily. Read them daily. Put them in present tense as if they are already real.

2. Have a Plan– Once you know your goals, it’s time to design a roadmap on how to make them come true. What you manage you can measure. Plan weekly and/or daily. Be Flexible to change along the way. Get as specific as knowing what you want to make and doing the math to make it happen. Do you know what you spend? How many calls per day do you have to make to make a sale? Make a daily Scorecard to follow and see your progress; remember you can manage what you measure.

3. Watch out for Time Wasters – Email is a great example. Set times to check it. A great example of using your time to your advantage: have a time saving “Waiting Bag.” The next time your waiting in line or in a doctor’s office grab your bag with items you can check off your list while you wait.

4.Take Action – You have your goals and your plan, but if you don’t take action it all means nothing. Take massive actions, otherwise someone else will. Don’t have the same goals in 2011.

5.Fail Forward – Don’t be too much of a perfectionist and never complete anything. Get your product & service out there; it doesn’t have to be perfect. You can make changes as you go.

6.Be Persistent – Never give up! 90% of the population gives up right before they reach their goals. Keep going no matter what! Why work so hard, to stop on the 1-yard line. Finish the game!

7. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone- Fear keeps us from getting out of our comfort zone. Feel the fear and do it anyway. You have to get out of your comfort zone to achieve great things.

8.Get a Mentor– Tiger Woods (probably not the best example at the time) and Michael Phelps have coaches. Why, because they help you make things happen. They offer accountability and feedback; it’s key to faster success.

9.Find Someone in your Field to follow- They know more, have made the mistakes already, and have achieved success. If you want to be successful hang out with success. Fly with the eagles.

10.Giver’s Gain- Give to others at all times. Don’t expect anything in return. It will come back to you in many ways – even when you don’t expect it.

11. Out Source – Make a list of everything that must get done in your business. Out source the things you don’t need to waste your time on and things you are not good at anyway. Why do your bookkeeping if you’re worth $40.00 an hour, when you can hire someone to do it for $10.00 – $15.00 an hour. Shouldn’t you be out making what your worth?

12. Find a Passive Income Source – When you quit a job, there is no more money. Find a business or businesses where you sell people once and continue to make money as long as they have the product or service. Donald Trump and all the successful entrepreneurs have some form of passive income. Be sure to pick one you are passionate about and know people can benefit from over time. There is nothing wrong with friends and family making a small percentage off of your purchase, would you rather give it to the big companies or people you know?

13. Keep Healthy None of this will matter if you don’t take care of yourself. You must do things to keep your business growing, as you must keep a healthy body to keep YOU going.

You must change your ways to change your life! Good Luck in 2010; make it your best year!

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Post by Carrie Kukuda

Jan 022010

Singapore Business District at Night

A new decade has begun and millions of dollars are to be made this coming year. The beginning of the year is an extremely profitable time for many businesses. Are you in position to capitalize?

Resolutions are being made, budgets are being set, people have a new sense of focus; unfortunately this is only a short lived influx of business for most industries. By now you have already set up your goals, as well as action plans on attaining them, and I am sure networking your business is on the horizon.

There are many, many events going on everyday all over the country, but which acronym do you choose? FNI, BNI, NPI, REN, CABA, NY4S, TWBA, TBREIA, PRO, TBTF, GTAR, the list goes on and on. There are Chambers of Commerce, Rotary’s, Kiwanis, and dozens of other professional organizations all over the place.

You ask yourself, what events are going to be the best use of my time? Do I go to a seat specific event or one open to my competition too? Do I pay to be apart to be a part of an organization or should I find free events? Should if find something targeted to my industry or just hit the masses? Are evening mixer events the best or do professional sit down meetings work better?

How do I network my business effectively when there are all these variables?!?

All necessary questions, each with an answer personal to you and your business.

Here are 5 tips in getting them answered:

1. The acronym, the organization, none of that matters. The only thing that matters are the people you meet. Do you like these people? Are they the type of people you want to associate with? Can you see yourself building relationships? Remember you are the cumulative amount of the 5 people you spend the most time with so choose your associations wisely.

2. Attending events that are open to all or just one person per industry is going to be your call. I personally rather attend an open meeting. You may want to meet someone in a specific industry and if you are at a one person per industry group what happens if you don’t care for person who fills that seat? I would rather meet a variety of people, build relationships with those I choose, and learn from my competition if the opportunity arises.

3. There are lots of events that are free out there, and many others that will cost you a few dollars. What you need to determine is: How many sales will I need to make to earn this investment back? What is my expected commitment? What am I really getting for my money? To be required to pay hundreds of dollars to someone just to have the opportunity to meet people I feel is a little self serving. Business networking is about helping others achieve their goals with minimal expense. If the cost to join a group is more than the groups cost to run itself it may not be the best place for you. Now if you are targeting a much higher end prospect, then there may certainly be some investment required. Again this is all your preference.

4. Going to traditional sit down business networking events, or after hour mixers all really depends on your personality and objective. If you do better in a crowd then a mixer will be the best place for you. Many people feel more comfortable in a controlled environment when they can see and hear what everyone does and pick and choose who specifically they want to meet.

5. Attending expos and trainings are phenomenal places to network. They will have a small cost to them, but you will be getting your return on investment with simply the information you receive. You will have the opportunity to learn about a specific topic which should help you further yourself in your business, and best of all you will be surrounded by other like minded people who you will have an immediate rapport with just for the fact that like minded people can connect easier with people who are like them.

Business networking is more important than ever before. The one key that runs true for all of these events and choices you make is you must be willing to build relationships. Remember not all relationships will lead to business immediately, but in the long run you and your business will be in a better place because of the friendships you have developed.

Happy networking to you in this wonderful 2010!

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