Jul 112009


What planning committee is out there putting together a business idea or marketing plan designed specifically with your best interest in mind? Nobody that’s who!

With all of the new and up and coming opportunities out there don’t just jump in to something that sounds good, do your do diligence, evaluate the opportunity, and make sure it will create a long term income that you can put some faith in. Second, make sure you are passionate about what you are doing. If you are going to begin selling or promoting a business you know you probably wouldn’t use yourself or only use once and be done with it what value do you think others will perceive?

The name of the game is longevity; long term, passive streams of income. Opening a new business or starting something where you are working from home needs to revolve around a system, and not a new system you have created. You want your new endeavor to become a long term asset that will continue to pay you into the future, and also potentially become a marketable business to sell. If you build it correctly you will be able to sell it for a profit, but more importantly you can arrange yourself a percentage of royalties.

The point is plug into a system already in place so that you are more capable of gauging your potential success. A company that can show you a track record, and a proven system of success that if you do X, X number of times here is what we have found out through repetition what is and is not effective.

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