Nov 022009

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Ya know fun spelled backwards is nuf. Who wants nuf! For most people there never is enough. Mainly there is never enough money or time. However, more than 80% of people choose to lock themselves up in a prison every day.

The only difference between someone who goes to a job they hate day in and out and an inmate in a prison, is the inmate knows where they are. Fortunately when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Hopefully this article will help you kick someone you know in the butt, because I know you already have it all figured out…

I think it goes without saying the reason most people just settle for the cards they are dealt and don’t take the risk of having the life they want is fear. That is understandable, but ask yourself this is it scarier to know that you are going do something you hate the rest of your life or take a leap of faith in yourself and maybe just maybe create a happier life?

This is not to encourage you to just jump on the next opportunity that comes your way. You still want to take calculated risks, but use a basic calculator. To identify the risks in an opportunity you wish to pursue it is simple addition and subtraction, what is attractive about this to, how will it help me get closer to my goals, and am I willing to deal with others peoples criticisms to get there. There is no obtaining the levels of success you want without opposition.

The hell with those who can’t see your vision! We still need people like that to cook, clean, and mow our yards! You are different, you are strong, you are focused, and you will stop at nothing to achieve the lifestyle you and your family deserves to live. Excuses are a thing of the past, when you find out you need to make an investment and you know you don’t have all the money accounted for you find a way!

Obstacles are going to be your excuse or your reason. Nothing worth having is ever easy. What are you willing to do, what sacrifices are you willing to make for your family to build a legacy for generation to come?

Become a student of success, turn off the TV and pick up a book. Turn your car into Drive Time University and learn from those who have achieved levels of success you aspire to. With the internet, and libraries, and the people out there willing to help you all of the resources necessary for success are at your finger tips. They have always been there people have simply chosen not to acknowledge them.

Take advantage of the infinite resources available to you and I will see YOU at the top!

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Jul 282009

skypicThere is always something else going on in life isn’t there? There is something there side tracking us, pulling us away from what we are attempting to do, slowing us down at every turn, keeping us away from loved ones.

WELL SUCK IT UP! That’s life!!

If all we were to do was coast through life without challenge or adversity there wouldn’t be any amazing stories to learn from and share. Everyone has speed bumps on their way to success; the only difference is how each challenge is perceived.

Working with so many different people I hear all kinds of stories why people “can’t” do it. This is baloney. Your current obstacle in life is either going to be the excuse why you “can’t” do it or the reason you are doing it.

Please know that I am talking about excuses people make when someone is presented with an opportunity, investment, or anything that will change their life for the better. There are just so many examples, for instance: “I have been eating so much lately and I am so busy, I “can’t” make time to go to the gym.” OR “I have been eating so much lately I AM going to go to the gym because I like being busy and I want to feel healthy.” See the difference?

Here is another: I “can’t” invest that $100 and change what I am doing a few hours a week, I never see my family as it is.” OR I AM investing that $100, I never see my family and I want to be a part of their lives. I will do whatever it takes to make my family financially independent.”

You see there is no legitimate excuse for anything. We all have 24 hours in a day and there are some people making billions and some people scrounging for pennies. The difference is one persons excuse became their reason and the others reason is their excuse.

What’s YOUR reason?

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Oct 192008

There are people in our lives who are positive and there are those who are negative, both we may consider friends, but how is this effecting us?

When you are in conversation with others and someone is talking about something as simple as remembering names or as elaborate as doubling their income have you noticed yourself thinking “wow, I can’t do that!” and then after you think about it you verbalize it and notify those around you aren’t capable of achieving what they are talking about!

This is one of the many ways we reinforce and program ourselves for underachievement and perceived failure. All of the “I’m not’s,” “I cant’s,” and whatever other self demeaning vocabulary we have learned is day by day sabotaging us subconsciously. Since thoughts are things, this is scientifically proven by the way, it is imperative that we begin to train ourselves to think in terms of what we are capable of and what we do want to manifest into our lives.

Here is a fun and interesting little challenge I learned from hypnotist Topher Morrison. When you have “one of those mornings,” and you perceive things to already be going downhill from the time you get out of bed, for the rest of the day try this: Walk everywhere you have to go at a little faster speed, with your head up, looking around, with a smile on your face greeting everyone you see, and when you get where you are going put your hands up and say “Here I am, I made it!” Do this the entire day until you go to sleep at night.

The reasoning behind this is you typically don’t see unhappy, miserable people walking around quickly with a smile on their face especially greeting others, and your subconscious mind knows this as well. By walking faster and smiling you are now inadvertently tricking your subconscious mind into being happy and enjoying life and since your subconscious is the director of your feelings and emotions you may just feel better on a conscious level as well. Go figure!

Enjoy your day, and have some fun!

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