Nov 192008

Nothing is new. Everything that ever was and presently is has been created by something that already exists. Success comes from where it is now.

That last sentence tripped me up a little bit the first time I heard it and then I related it to something Deepak Chopra was told by his mentor when he began his business. Deepak was concerned because he needed millions of dollars to begin his new business and he asked his mentor “where will the money come from?” and his mentor replied “from where ever it is at the time.”

That is a truly profound statement when you think about it. However, it was still a bit difficult for me to grasp until I personally put it into action. I recently needed to make a little extra money because I wanted to pay something off and not worry about making payments. I also didn’t want to use savings, so I began to just internalize that from where ever the finances I needed are presently an additional $1,500 will come in this month.

Behold! Last month $1,197 additional dollars came into my possession. Now some would argue I didn’t get the full $1,500. I say so what! Just the fact that I was able to attract abundant additional funds proved to me that the universal laws are working and in full effect. Not only that, but by putting myself into that alignment last month I can now duplicate the same processes that enabled me to achieve a higher income and do it again this month.

When you know that everything is possible and you truly can have anything that you desire, as put in The Secret, “the universe is your catalog.” Get out there and begin placing your order. But don’t ever forget; be careful what you wish for!

I hope identifying these laws was beneficial for you, if you have any insights, suggestions, or comments please let me know what you think. I appreciate you.

Have an absolutely spectacular day!

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