Jan 052009


What are you in position for this year?

Are you ready for victory or prepared for defeat?

For those of you who believe the Universe is operating perfectly and your life is no more than a parenthesis in eternity this is your time! Think about parenthesis for just a moment, you use them in a sentence to add value or information, correct? If they weren’t there the sentence should still make sense. Allow the principle of constantly adding value become your life mission.

Think about the value you add to others lives. Are you prepared to help others unconditionally? This is where fortunes are being created. Those who can help the most people will receive the most reward. Whether is a spiritual reward, personal gratification, financial compensation, you rarely see people unhappy when they know they are making a difference and contributing something to someone else without the expectation of something in return.

You must not only have the will to win, but the will to prepare to win. Take the time to set up a game plan and goals. How many people will you talk to today? How many new friends will you make? How will you achieve the financial independence you seek? I love what AL Williams says when he hears of people getting 2nd or 3rd jobs thinking that will create more security. He says “being the only person contributing to your income is not only dumb, it’s double dumb!”

If financial security and prosperity is a goal you are striving for set a goal to have X number of people contributing to your household income by the end of the year and work backwards from there. You must have the destination in mind in order to find the way. It is once you have found the way the life happens, so be aware. Isn’t it typically when you make a decision to accomplish something or quit something that in no time at all a test is presented? You want to quit smoking and the first gas station you go to is giving them away two packs at a time. You want to make 50 business calls, but your friend just called and said we are taking the boat out it’s a beautiful day. Are you willing to make the small sacrifices today in order to live your dreams tomorrow?

Every single person in this country is in the position to earn hundreds of thousand even millions of dollars this year, but the question becomes are you willing to sacrifice. The opportunities are there, the systems have been created, and the time is NOW!

Make a few vocabulary and beliefs changes and watch your world transform. Instead of saying “I need more money,” BELIEVE “The money I require comes frequently and abundantly.” Instead of saying “I need to lose weight,” BELIEVE “I am losing weight everyday because I am making a conscious effort to do so.”

Your vocabulary, beliefs, and actions are what is creating you universal positioning all of which you have total control over. Claim your control, take action, and let make 2009 the most prosperous year ever!

Dec 152008

Whose belief systems and ideals are you abiding by?

A friend of mine Rahul, just wrote a great article about dealing with criticism and the challenges we face while doing so, which is a little of what sparked me to write this today.

At 21 years old I decided to leave college and pursue my dream of freedom.  I didn’t care if I had to struggle to get things going, my over all desire was to never write a resume or fill out a job application. Well it is three years later and I have accomplished this goal thus far, not without family and friends criticisms and hours spent enlightening me why I have made poor decisions.

The one thing everyone who had an opinion on my life choices had in common was all of them had not accomplished what I knew I would.  The first rule in my thought process of education is: learn from those who have achieved what you aspire to. Granted you can learn something from everyone, but make sure you being educated on the right subject. It is unfortunate that common sense isn’t so common and people with an outstanding drive and ambition will take advice from those who are lazy and unaccomplished who will inevitably rain on their parade and hold them back from achieving their dreams.

Why follow the norm? Why not be different? All of the greatest discoveries ever where made by those who were seen to be strange and crazy. Einstein, Lincoln, Columbus, the list can go on for days. Take a moment to think about what these people have accomplished and lets kick it up a notch and get a little crazy!

The first thing you must do and realize is you need to have you goals and dreams written down or up on a vision board so they are constantly in your face. If you don’t know where you want to go any road will take you there. I read a few months ago that something like only 5% of people actually write down what they want in life, 5%! It is ridiculous when you think about it, everyone wants more. More money, more time freedom, more cars, more vacations, more stuff, more, more, more! If you want more, do more, and chances are you will probably have to do some stuff you have never done, because “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

The faster you can break away from the norm and change the way you look at things, the less you will end up stepping in you know what.

“If you follow the herd you’ll end up stepping in shit.”