May 122012

We just discussed 3 easy strategies that will increase your online presence; let’s identify a few things to avoid that can save you time and money on you internet marketing.

I think we can all agree that the internet is a non-stop avalanche of new ideas and informational products. So how can you to be expected to know what is crap and what is gold? There is no shortage of self proclaimed guru’s out there marketing all of the “secrets” of Facebook, and Linkedin, and Youtube and on and on.

Here are 7 reasons why your efforts may be falling short and some ideas to improve your results.

1) Your website is an online brochure.

This is a very common error in the market place because the capability of a website has evolved dramatically. We have gone to, I need a website so when someone search for me something comes up; to my website is a lead generation system, company validation platform, sales processor, dynamic face of the company.

Get your site on a CMS like WordPress, or Joomla (Just 2 of many examples, I prefer WordPress myself)

2) There is no “Call to Action”

I have heard people say, “My site has a Contact Us page, if they want our information they know where to find us.This is horrible!

We as a society have become lazy and impatient. When we get to a website we want benefit, instantly. By not capitalizing on why people come to your site and addressing their needs immediately you are losing people faster than it took them to find you

3) No communication

When people interact with you on your site or social media it is your duty to respond. Most of your efforts are probably being made to try to get people to interact with you and when they finally do you don’t even communicate back! Now, I am not referring to having an auto responder send them an email, I am talking about you actually taking a moment and show you give a damn about what they took their time to say.

Making a phone call based on someone’s communication online is almost unheard of. I have asked this in seminars “Who has ever gotten a call from someone online based on your subscribing or purchasing something?” The response is maybe 3-5% of the room, and of those people all of them can tell you exactly who it was that made the call.

Pick up a phone based on an online communication and skyrocket participation and exposure.

4) Shiny object syndrome

Marketing online is great, but when you are doing something new every week, are on every new webinar, and are looking for the magic bullet to explosive viral growth you are wasting an immense amount of time.

Which leads into the next ROI killer.

5) Lack of strategy

Creating a profile on all the social networks, and setting up a website is not a strategy. Making random posts about what you do or about your company of your Facebook page is not a strategy. Telling people about your business in everyone of your post responses is not a strategy. Posting a pitch of your company on other people sites or fan pages is NOT a strategy.

You may laugh, and say “Joe, duh! Why would I do that stuff?” Well the fact is it happens all the time, and for some reason people think it works.

A strategy is exactly that, a strategy. It is a formulated plan of attack. It defines objectives, goals, timelines, milestones, checklists, and a success tracking plan.

6) Tracking

Strategy is great and necessary, but when you don’t ever take the time to look at what is and isn’t working the wheels never stop spinning and they may be taking you down a path of failure faster than you can imagine.

Identify how many people come to your site (daily, weekly, monthly), where are they coming from, how long are they there, what are they clicking on, what percentage of people are subscribing and/or buying, how many are opening your emails, are they clicking on links, what is your sites rank and bounce rate?

All of these things can pretty much be achieved with Google analytics and a CRM like iContact, Constant Contact, or Aweber.

7) Thinking you can do it on your own

There is nobody out there creating massive success online completely by themselves. Just like in any business everyone has a few things they like to do and a few things they are really good at. It is important to know what your strengths and weaknesses are and leverage them.

Outsource, collaborate, barter, do whatever you have to do get away from the stuff you know other people are much better at than you are. You may be great at implementing a strategy, but have no idea how to create something that is going to generate revenue or vice versa.

I love creating strategy, but hate doing the leg work. There are pieces I like, and I can do everything (for the most part) that I need to get done with some exceptions, but I began to pay others to do the bits and pieces I don’t want to be bothered with and life is much easier.

Don’t be another “I tried internet marketing and it didn’t work ,” B.S. story. You can do it, it does require learning new stuff, and the only one who can make that decision is you.

Thanks for stopping by, and please let the audience know if there is some tool you used that you did or didn’t like or even a strategy.

Have a great day!

  27 Responses to “7 Reasons Your Internet Marketing Isn’t Working”

  1. Thanks for sharing this insight Joe! This post is a great example of the benefits of Web 2.0 (our current internet experience) versus Web 1.0 (our web experience of the 90’s). Web 2.0 calls for websites to be interactive and collaborative. It is not enough to have a website that acts like an online brochure. It needs to offer some sort of benefit to the reader and ability for them to interact with it. The internet is changing rapidly. With the growing popularity of social media, the public’s expectations of what a website should do and how it should function are evolving rapidly as well. It is no longer enough to use the internet as a one way marketing funnel where you just push information at your reader. Good internet marketing is a multi-way channel promoting sharing, commenting, benefits, incentives, collaboration, communication, etc. Great post, thanks for the tips!

  2. Hey there Joe; thanks for this great and detailed post, I agree with you 100%. You’ve laid out 7 very important areas that can be killing an effective marketing strategy. Two specifically I think are way too common are “A lack of strategy’ or NO FOCUS and “Thinking you can do it on your own”

    I believe when many are first starting out online these two areas often stop most people from ever achieving success online. Thanks again for laying out this excellent article Joe.

  3. Great tips! A call-to-action is something so necessary but strangely absent from a lot of web sites. I guess not everyone is a natural marketer at heart, but this is why hiring a professional is important.

    I also agree that Google Analytics is essential for anyone serious about managing a web site. I also find the data at Google Webmaster Tools is very useful and use Yahoo! Site Explorer when researching a competitor’s backlinks.

    Thanks for the good read.

  4. Hi Joe
    What can I say. Great minds think alike!

    So many people just “expect” things to happen in their network marketing business without taking action! I dispare sometimes.

    If people follow your 7 reasons why they don’t succeed and apply the lessons learned from each, then they WILL enjoy success.

    I would especially recommend that your readers learn from 7….Thinking They Can Do It Alone…..learn from your sponsors or your most successful upline…don’t reinvent the wheel…just to it right!

    Best wishes


  5. Thanks Peter! I have been on numerous webinars and conference calls lately and it is all about the same info.

    Get personal and copy success.

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Google is more incredible than anyone really knows. There are just so many functions and tools we never even realize are there.

    I think the next site creation is a Google training tool. 😛

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  7. It is crazy that without a strategy or a focus we can expect to obtain and ongoing success. With out outsourcing and collaboration things will never grow “away” from us. Regardless of what we intend, most peoples objectives are to make a lot of money. Well the people making the most money have a significant amount of time consuming activities delegated.

    Once we identify what we love to do and what we are good at, then faster success can be achieved.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Joe,

    You’ve outlined 7 very key points about maintaining a successful online business. There are a lot of distractions on the Internet and so many things to take people away from the focus of their business, developing the relationships and implementing a strategy to creating the return they so deserve.

    ~ Pat and Lorna

  9. Joe,

    Thanks for the great article! I found 3 items in which I am not “up to par” and this article clearly brought those out.

    When you said “My site has a Contact Us page, if they want our information they know where to find us.”, I found myself saying yes, exactly and assuming that was a good enough CTA – but in thinking about your response I now realize that that is a major problem with all of my sites – no clear CALL TO ACTION! I will make those changes!

    I also have the “shiny object syndrome” and the “i’ll do it all by myself issue” both of which I will pay more attention to!

    Thanks for the great info!

  10. Thanks for the insights Pat and Lorna!

  11. Once you can create your own systems is when you will be able to identify pieces of the puzzle you will be able to outsource.

    I am guilty myself of working hard for everyone else, but when it comes to my own strategy and implementation I can be a bit of a slacker.

    Thanks for participating!

  12. Great blog post, Joe. You hit the nail on the head with every item. Tracking can be a nemesis for most newbie marketers. I am at the point now where I definitely need to outsource, and I am always on the lookout for future collaborators. Thanks for bringing all of this to our attentions.

  13. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for this post! Funny, I missed a month or two with TSA whilst I sorted out where my business was going and now I’m back, many posts I am reading are helping me identify the mistakes I am still making!

    Analytics and tracking are definitely a couple of things I need to address and I am already working on the strategies.

    All taken onboard, thanks again Joe!


  14. Hi Joe ~ Excellent points you made, especially about thinking you can do it all on your own. I can’t even imagine doing on my own and expecting to be successful! Appreciate you sharing 🙂 Christine

  15. I love this very insightful I have been working on the internet for years and anyone thats a newbie should really read this alot of great information if you are just starting your home business Lamar Snowden to your success Internet Marketing Coach

  16. Hi Joe,

    This is really an awesome post, great tips!
    Internet marketing is about getting better all the time so just test, test and then test some more!
    We all started with zero knowledge but what is great about this industry is that it allows anyone to make it big if they take the time to learn the skills.
    No. 7 is where I was stuck most of the time when I finally figured out that collaborating and outsourcing makes miracles happen.

    Awesome blog, I’ll be back!


  17. Hi, Joe,
    I know I have been guilty of more than a few of these mistakes. It’s all about growth and correcting our mistakes. I have seen so many websites that don’t have any type of optin or contact form. Visitors have no way of contacting you. I guess it’s all about getting out there and making improvements as we go along.
    Thanks for posting.

  18. Great article, Joe. You have a very nice site here with a lot of valuable information. I appreciate your willingness to share your expertise.

    Wishing you a song in your heart,
    Miss Leslie @ Music with Miss

  19. Hi Joe,

    This has some great lessons for those who are not making it on line. I find the good old sales system still works fine, but it is a planned release fo material and getting back in contact with those who approach you that makes all the difference.

    I find working out a strategy first and then implementing it over time, gets the results you are looking for. One more thing, focus on one thing and become the expert in the field!

    Thanks for this great insight.

  20. Good post my friend. I have to have to agree with you buddy. most people who are adding me and other people in social media are not even sending some personal message. When they are using social media its important that we build that relationship with other person so we can build trust before we can close them into our business.

    Keep up the good work my friend. Have a great day and God bless.

    – Ian Valeza

  21. Great article , I agree we need to focus and have a plan. Great tip on using a tracking system so we know what is working.

  22. Great points here. Social media is one area where a lot of people fall in at the deep end. If only it was as simple as creating an account and adding a few social media icons to your website. People need to remember the importance of engagement with the audience!

  23. Joe,
    I appreciate your post! I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I’m having a blast! I’m glad you summed it up here, I can see what I’m doing correctly and where I need to grow!
    Now I’m ready to do learn google analytics!

  24. Thanks Linda, I am glad you enjoyed it. Good luck with Google Analytics, you should be ok.

  25. Hi Joe
    Thank you for this post and reminding me of the things I need to pay attention to in my business. I am definitely guilty of the “shiny objects” syndrome and the other thing I really need to get to grips with is outsourcing. You are so right in saying that you can’t do it all yourself if you are going to be successful, but I have to say I find outsourcing pretty challenging. Thanks again for focusing my mind.

  26. If you need any pointers on outsourcing feel free to give me a shout. Have a great day!

  27. I’m so glad that I have visited your blog. I have lots of doubts that crosses in my mind after reading your post. I have come to my realization and ask myself if my site is really working great. Your post is really a great pointer on my part because it made me think to go to my site right now and check if I have the following that you have mentioned above. I’m hoping not. Thanks for your post!

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