Feb 242009


In times of uncertainty it is important to spend time focusing on RGA, Revenue Generating  Actions. Are all facets of your day to day activity bringing income into your household? If not why, and what can you do to change that?

The answer is become more valuable.

Become more valuable as a person, business owner, friend, partner, networker, make yourself an asset to those around you. You are the only one in control of your goals and actions. You decide your associations, what you read, and what you allow to be influential and only you know if what the effects are.

In the business community it is very advantageous to become a student of networking. Find out how to make the most out of every event, but also learn how to do so online. You can only meet so many people going out and about personally, but when you learn how to make your time on your computer just as valuable as your time at live events your efforts can only multiply. A phenomenal resource for learning this is www.sethgodin.com.

Before you can be valuable online you must learn how to become more valuable in person. Take time everyday to “sharpen your axe.” When you sit down with people take notes, utilize your database and the databases of people in your network to find resources for those you meet with. By doing this you are increasing your value to the person you met with, others in your network, and people in your networks network. It continues to build deeper and deeper and you become more and more of a resource.

The one key factor that you must have is a genuine interest in learning about others and the desire to help them unconditionally.

Your income and success is up to you and you alone.

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