May 112009


Have you ever been watching a commercial on TV and it has your attention the whole 30-45 seconds then the product it was advertising pops up and you ask yourself what the heck did any of that have to do with this product?!?

NOTHING! It had absolute nothing to do with anything more than getting an emotional reaction out of you.

But you did pay attention, had some kind of emotional reaction, and then saw the intended product right?

When you are out at your business networking events around the country try t o use these same principals. Keep it short, interesting, and have some kind of call to action. Whether that call to action is generating an emotional or a physical response either way your product or service will be noticed.

In any business networking function where you get to do a short commercial you typically get 30-45 second, and remember you are also planning on attending more than once. At least you should be! Consistency is key. You want to spend a little time each month or even each week to change it up. Think about how sick you get of seeing or hearing the same commercials on TV or radio, other networking attendees feel the same way about yours. If other guests of the event can copy your commercial after hearing you 2-3 times you need to get on the ball and change it up.

When you attend a networking event and someone stands up to do their commercial then you hear the same opening line you did for the last 3 weeks we tend to zone out until the next person speaks .

Here are 3 quick tips to take into consideration when making your commercial.

1) Make it short, less than 45 seconds
2) Create curiosity to generate a physical or emotional response
3) End with mentioning your company and possibly a creating tag line (if you can think of one on your own ask others for help)

This should help you get more out of your elevator spiel while networking. Good luck!

Now let’s go get some business!!!!

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