Mar 312009


Have you ever been around a group of people saying, “I wish I could do this or I wish I could have that? “ Maybe you have said a variation of these phrases yourself. Well I am here to say stop using your wishbone and start using your backbone!

I am sure being the driven person that you are you have all of your goals written down and set with a time element already, but are you doing all that you can to accomplish them? A great way to find out is examine whether your decisions are made based on commitment or comfort.

If you had something to do earlier in the morning than normal and it wasn’t imperative to get done, but you knew it would get you a little close to your goal, and you wake up and still feel tired would you suck it up and get out of bed or roll back over? You see it is the little sacrifices we are willing to make that make all the difference.

When you can do what you planned long after that excited feeling you had when you set the goal has left, that is when you know you have a burning desire for accomplishment. When you take the rolling over for a few more minutes avenue that may be an indicator that your desire is merely a wish and you may want to more clearly define your goal to something that does truly motivate you.

It isn’t what we say or plan that describes who we are; it is what we do that defines us.

What defines you?

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