May 222012

Guest Post By: Katie Krienitz, COO or The Wealth Building Annex

Being passionate about your company is a vital component of every successful business owner. It may not always be the product or service you’re passionate about. It could be the marketing of that product or service, the systemization of the company, the management of the team, the execution of the sales process or even the development of new ideas that get your juices flowing. Wherever that passion lies, it’s crucial to constantly stay in contact with it..otherwise, it dies. And then, your business becomes WORK.

I was definitely in WORK mode a few weeks ago. Exhausted and burnt out, I sat in a fog during a team meeting as our marketing plan was discussed. One of the ways I experience joy in our business is in the details of our processes…making sure that our company is as systemized as possible. Apparently, my passion for this had served its purpose because there was no longer a need for the majority of my time to be spent on our systems. I have an incredible team that I can hand these systems over to, so my time was now free to market and bring in new members. And because I was not in touch with a passion for marketing, our business was now WORK to me.

Until...a brainstorm.

Chris, Mark and I sat at the table while committee meetings, events and networking ideas were discussed, none of which made me very excited. To be honest, my stomach began churning as I anticipated walking into each of these scenarios. While I love to connect with others and form strategic alliances, networking, committee meetings and events are not my strengths. I slumped in my chair and felt defeated. I saw the looks on their faces – business owners who loved to get involved in the ways that made me cringe. Frustrated and feeling lost, I suddenly blurted, “what other ways, besides joining committees and networking groups, can I get out there and connect with other business people?” Thoughtful stares, but nothing. The conversation resumed and went in different directions. A few minutes later, Mark brought up the Centre Club golf membership and suddenly, I sat up straight.

“Golf! I can golf with people!!!!” A seemingly easy concept had hit me hard. “It makes perfect sense! I’m an athlete. I love sports. I can incorporate my athletics into my marketing!” All the tension and pressure that had been building up over the past few weeks were immediately gone. “And I can pick up tennis again too!” There it was…my passion. Once again living in the same space with me and my business.

I know this sounds ridiculously simple. But as your relationship with your business matures and changes, the smallest of tweaks can have the most powerful effects. I felt horrible for a long time that I didn’t want to be a part of 20 committees and join 15 different networking groups. But with a simple twist of how I can embrace marketing in a way that excites me, I’m not WORKING anymore…I’m playing business builder. And I’d say my 227 yard drive on my first time out on the golf course says I’m playing to win! (yes, it was straight on the fairway).

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  1. Golf is the answer to so many questions. Isn’t it? Glad you found a way to connect with business partners in a meaningful way. My husband and I took up golf 18 years ago because it was a way he and I could connect and it would be good for our careers.

  2. Joe,
    As “The Passion Doctor” you are definitely preaching to the choir. The only way we will be able to invest the time and energy in our business and sustain it in a healthy way is when we are “in love” with our work, which then becomes “play” more of the time. Congratulations on finding your path to that.

  3. Nice post! I agree that the smallest of tweaks can have the most powerful effects in your business. I’m glad you were able to get out there to play golf and connect with people.

  4. As you have accurately mentioned, being passionate about the business ventures started would be the essential matter always. The reason why even some experienced businesspeople may fail in the way of managing their net based financial projects is exactly related to their mentality, perspectives and passions about the jobs to do.

  5. I like the advice to Do What You Love, and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life.
    my mom always said, Do what you love and the money will come.

  6. Thanks Shari! Mom knows best!

  7. Hi Joe,

    Please thank Kaite for this brilliant contribution to your blog. Yes, yes, yes. Your passions are your ticket to success, especially when working to build a network marketing home business.

    I do what I love and love what I do, as the Follow Your Bliss guy, every day, and after doing this for the past year instead of working at a J.O.B., I am happier, healthier, and even wealthier 😀

    Take Care,

    David H. Paul
    the Follow Your Bliss guy

  8. Ahh super cool Joe!

    As I was reading Katie’s epiphany – I had my own aha – only it’s not golf … it’s sushi!

    Already dreaming up a meet-up group that mixes online marketing and sushi – whoo hoo 🙂

    Thank-you thank-you (and thanks Katie!)


  9. I don’t play golf, but dear Heavens, did I have a revelation while reading this post!

    I too find committee meetings and (most) meet-ups excruciatingly boring but I never, ever thought of business building outside of the normal business-y channels.

    But I’m an Actress! Have been for years and have always been astonished at the wide range of people who take part in community theatre.

    And THAT would be my golf course, so to speak.

    In each cast of every show, there’s almost guaranteed to be someone who wants to work from home or wants to create an online presence for their business.

    Talk about a Duh! moment!!
    Thank you so much.

    the goddess known as Jacqui

  10. Network, network, network! Anytime you are out of the house is an opportunity to get in front of new and exciting contacts.

    Glad you enjoyed the post. Have a great day!


  11. Joe,

    So cool you can bring your passion into your business. That is truly thinking outside of the box… while others were focused on the usual suspects for the business, you turned on the light bulb, felt the passion and felt totally energized in doing something different to boost your business!

    ~ Pat and Lorna

  12. Create a business that is fun for yourself, then do everything else that your enjoy and whala! Monre money, fun, friends, and great relationship.

    Thanks for the comment!


  13. I am glad you get to combine to loves and have them work harmoniously! I have recently integrated reading, which is a great love of mine, and my business. I have started a book club online that others who share a love of reading can come connect and share. I love when things just work out so easily!!!
    Great post!
    Cori Hughes

  14. By integrating everything we love into what can make us money our time and life really just runs more smoothly.

    I have found there is significantly less stress and potential for disappointment when you are enjoying the experiences you have, not the outcomes.

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Joe,

    One of the greatest things about the network marketing industry is that we can each mold our businesses into our lives. When our leaders try to teach us techniques that just don’t feel comfortable to us we have very little chance of success. When we open our minds and think out of the box, each of us can find a way to bring passion into what we do.

    Hope you’re enjoying the golf and tennis course!

    Kathy Jodrey

  16. What a joy to hear that you found your passionate expression of networking through golf! Isn’t it amazing how with an open mind and a few minor tweaks we can turn something we’re dreading into something that’s pleasurable and meaningful?! Congratulations, and enjoy this new chapter in your “work” life! 🙂

  17. Thanks Kathy! Once you find a way to meet great people doing what we love it is all cake from there.

    I appreciate your time. Have a great day!

  18. I appreciate the comment Beth! It is all about the thought process we have going into any situation which influences the mood we are in.

    Have a great day!

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