Jan 112010

We have all been stuck at business networking function where had to sit there to listen to someone ramble on and on about how great their product or service is.

Well here is a short little tip on how to catch other peoples attention with out shamelessly promoting yourself appearing to be a walking advertisement.

Business networking events are about meeting other professionals and forming alliances, NOT to attempt to sell everyone in the room. Too often we have visitors come to events, show up once, go over their allotment of time for their commercial, not participate in the group any more, and then never show up again.

I refer to these people as: “The broke know it all’s.”

Do not be one of these people if you intend on being successful at any business endeavor your partake in. Your reputation is everything and once that is tarnished you will spend drastically more time cleaning up what you have destroyed than it would have taken for you to build a long lasting meaningful relationship from the get go.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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