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Become the Business Social Networking Terminator!“T” factor? Who do I Terminate? My business’s social networking plan doesn’t address this!

Think for a moment why people would come back to your site. Needless to say great content is a must, but are you creating a personal experience?

The “T” factor helps you terminate your competition and portrays you as a more approachable resource. What I am referring to is Transparency.

Transparency in your online and offline business networking efforts is what humanizes your audience’s perception of you. All of these “new” ways of marketing seem to have people thinking that; 1. They really are new ideas, and 2. The more money they throw at it the more ROI they will make.

Let’s clarify this and give you some strategies to implement that will help you become more valuable and expand your viral growth.

None of these new age techniques are new. The internet is a new player, but the game is still the same. I just started watching the show “Mad Men,” it is about the early stages of advertising companies in the 60’s. Very cool show, but their objectives are the same as today’s advertisers.

Get your audience talking and raving about you!

Word-of-mouth is and always has been the strongest form of advertising known to man. How does this relate to being transparent? Well, would you be more likely to refer someone to contact, website, or business that has a persona of being stuffy, serious, always business, and almost seems scripted in conversations?

Probably not.

You would however, refer someone with personality, friendliness, and an openness to help? In a heartbeat!

Even the standard term “business networking” has evolved into “business social networking,” or “social business networking.Social is the key word.

How are you incentivizing and socializing with your audience to make them raving fans? Spending more money on banner ads and commercials will continue to show a smaller and smaller ROI. Investing in customer communication and customer gratitude will exponentially increase your earnings.

Top secret tip of the day:

Ok, I just implemented this and it has already shown to be an easy, and awesome way to grow a group or fan page virally. It starts on your website.

1. You have your opt-in box giving something of value on your website. (If you have one and nobody is taking advantage of your offer… Change it!)

2. The next page, for me, is an email confirmation page.

3. Once email is confirmed you are sent to a “Welcome and Thank You” page that has a contest with instructions that most people will take advantage of.

My page looks like this:

Welcome and Thank You for subscribing to BNL’s email list!

Every month we are giving away a $25 Visa Gift card!

Please see details or watch short video tutorial below

To get involved all you need to do is:

  1. Become a fan of BNL on Facebook
  2. Tag BNL in a post sharing this link (To “tag” someone put the @ directly before typing someone’s name)

If you need a little visual watch the video.

When completed your post should look something like this:

Business Social Networking Resource Tag

Now I have captured somebody’s email with an offer of value, and made a secondary value offer for a chance at $25 to share something they have already seen value in. Even if you have 1-3 people a day doing this is it worth $25 a month for 30+ people talking about why everyone should check your site out?

Business social networking will continue to evolve and it is imperative for you to share your personality and humbleness to your audience while providing incredible value.

Let us know one super awesome strategy that has helped you in your business.

  47 Responses to “Get the “T” Factor and Have Visitors Saying “I’ll be back!””

  1. Joe,
    Awesome post on transparency and terminating the competition! I like your idea of making it fun and memorable and will do my best to figure out how to apply that to my work as a couples counselor and relationship coach. A contest/award as you suggest makes sense, just need to figure out how to tailor it to my audience and FB Fan Page.
    Thanks for such great ideas,

  2. I strongly agree that transparency is essential in your business because its like talking to your clients personally. Transparency equals honesty of a marketer. Being visible to your audience is big deal because its your way of communicating to them. On other hand, clients are pretty smart enough to know if your telling the truth or lying about your transparency.

  3. Thanks for the comment! Honesty and communication are the keys to profitable business relationships.

  4. You can do it to anything it doesnt have to be a fan page. Where is the list you are trying to grow the most?

  5. Great tips Joe! I really enjoyed your post. Gaining trust and letting people see you through your blog and social media can really help make those connections. More people are likely to follow you, come back to your site and give of their information if they feel that you care about them and are sincere in wanting to help them succeed. Great read today Joe, Thanks!

  6. Indeed, great tips Joe. I noticed that a lot of it has to do with communication / writing style. Do you think it’s important to speak in the first person and to refer to yourself frequently to speak to the readers on a more personal level?

  7. Transparency is key when considering your online presence. Great article, keep ’em coming.

  8. Hey Joe…I like your post. Building some sort of relationship where people genuinely trust you indeed is one of the keys to success. But…as you point out as well…having a contest or something else that people value can also be quite helpful. There must be a fine balance between being someone whom people really connect with and also being just a good marketer. I think in the long run building connections and relationships through “Transparency” and just plain building trust with people is the way to have a lasting and meaningful connection with people. However…having good marketing skills and savvy also can give a great boost when needed as well.

  9. Transparency is inextricably related to personal branding, which is a concept I’ve always had trouble with. I’ve never wanted to be the face of my business. I’ve always preferred to be in the background. That said, I’ve learned that you really can leverage yourself and run an efficient business even when YOU are your brand. It’s just a matter of execution and planning. After all, people connect with people, not companies.

    I appreciate you writing this post on transparency, Joe. It was a great reminder for me.

  10. Thanks Christian!

    The plan is what it is all about, especially for the solopreneures out there.

  11. It is always tough to create balance within our business. Planning and working smart instead of hard is what it is about.

    I think that is phrase has almost developed a bit of a cliche, but has more clout than ever.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Joe,
    This is the first time I have come to your blog. This post and the other content I have seen are hits the nail on the head about how we need to approach an online business.Transparency, yes. There is so much rubbish out there. It is important to have integrity when we share affiliate links, network marketing opportunities with others, don’t you think?.

    Thank you and best regards

  13. Hello Joe,

    Great post on how to use your power of Transparency/personality to terminate competition. Building relationships under trust and honesty definitely can increase your raving fan count. I also agree with having good no GREAT content to stand out. This definitely filter you out from a lot of people. There are always the wanna bee’s that mess up the network marketing image and they put what ever bull crap content just so they can sell stuff on their blog/website. Great tips on setting up the funnel( opt-in box, email confirmation etc.) Vital and substantial info Joe. Will be reading more from you.

    Have a good One,
    Taralee Bernier

  14. I was impressed with your post here because you manage to share information which mostly doesn’t cared of. TRANSPARENCY, I barely knew sites which flaunt this attitude. They forgot to think that it is what every customers want being themselves are also scrutinizing which are credible and which are not.

  15. Absolutely Peter. If we are willing to endorse any crap that comes our way it kills credibility.

    Thanks for sharing!


  16. Thanks Taralee for your kind words.

    With so many people trying to do the same thing, who are reading the same books and stuff like that it become more difficult to be unique. It come down to who can stand our of the box.

  17. Hey,
    This is an awesome post! I am bookmarking for future reference.
    Great idea on getting people to like your fan page and follow you on twitter with your opt-in.

  18. What a super helpful article! You really just put it all on the table about what’s most important for marketing. Also, I really like your idea of having people share your idea for a $25 Visa gift card. How can you tell who’s actually re-posting your info?


  19. Hey

    Seems like we have a lot of Terminator fans here. You pointed out some good points here. You do want to keep your audience raving about more and coming back to see the next sequel of your next post. Also transparency is a good way to keep in touch with your audience of being a real person, someone that they can relate to, receive good value and hear a great story each time they return. Good post Joe.

    Steven Dean

  20. Hey Joe,

    Great post. I totally agree with being transparent in our business and life.
    Excellent tips on how to get a front end offer and sales funnel setup on your blog.
    When something doesn’t work we definitely have to change it and try something else.

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,
    The GREAT Edward!

  21. Joe~
    Thank you for this post on transparency! I think it is everything in online marketing! We truly want to know, like and trust the people we interact with onlne. This post is full of information and your idea of creating ways to help blow the competion out of the water makes it doable!

  22. You have been generous in sharing your wisdom about networking. I have been blogging for more than a year and I’m still am tinkering of the best approach to grow my audience. What I’ve learned here I will keep in mind. 🙂

  23. Hey Joe,

    Great tip on your thank you page. I love it when I find great nuggets that will help me in my business. Keep up the good work.

  24. Thank you for sharing your inputs and thoughts. Your networking strategy would definitely help out a lot of those who are new in the industry such as myself.


  25. Hey Joe, I love this post brother. Great advice for everybody new and old. I like the way you put a special, unique touch to your posts here like the “T Factor” … that’s a great way to be a true entrepreneur buddy. I have one small suggestion and I pray you don’t take it the wrong way. You speak of authenticity via the term transparency. I personally recommend that you brand the header of your blog with your own personal images. I think this would work for you better than the stock photos. To me and many others (which is proven), the stock photos are somewhat of an insult. Everybody knows that isn’t YOUR BUSINESS … so I beg you to ask of yourself, “Where is the authenticity (or transparency) in that?” … Thanks again, Joe, for teaching us a valuable lesson with your blog post here. Please take my advice with a grain of salt and as always, God’s Blessings Brother! Curt

  26. Hi Joe,

    I love the idea of a contest to a) engage your reader and b) get more word of mouth exposure.

    Something that I’m going to look into, so thank you! You’re post, to me, outlined the need for me to be more dynamic in my approach, nice one 🙂

  27. Great Idea! Very insightful. I like the avenue in which you present marketing. It’s real and the same as it’s always been. Thank you Joe for the post!

  28. Hello Joe,
    Thank you for your tips in this post. You are absolutely right that a first step is to offer something of value from our site, and if the offer is not being taken up, then we need to change it! I shall be returning to this blog again and again.

    All best wishes

    Diane 🙂

  29. Wonderful advice thank you!

    Transparency is essential and it is the easiest thing to be as well!

    You’re totally right $25 per month is well worth the word of mouth advertising – a brilliant idea! I can see lots of different angles on this already!

    Love the pic of Arnie, I used to love his films when I was a child!

    All the best,

    Emma 🙂

  30. Ahh yes, Transparency…

    One of the most important aspects, especially in online business. You HAVE to be real and authentic with your customers because there are just to many people out there who aren’t. Thus by BEING real, you set yourself apart from the pack and let people you know actually care about them. And at the end of the day, thats who wins!

  31. Great blog post about really getting to know your customers as people and not just teaching people there a number.

    I believe we need to start making the user king so they will come back time and time again.

  32. Transparency absolutely does terminate the competition in my eyes – I certainly visit those sites & blogs the most where the writer is relatable and apparently accessible. The valuable optin that delivers as promised is a definite bonus. Thanks for this great tip, Joe. It’s a great way to engage and immerse people into your community. 🙂

  33. I like the idea of a contest, something fun. I have been giving away a gift (like a book) to my subscribers – one person is selected from each major mailing who actually “opens” the mail. It’s a bit early to tell how this is being received but I plan a survey soon.

  34. Work smart online with good planning is huge. Very informative and useful post Joe!

  35. Thanks Bethany! It has been a great way to get more visibility.

  36. When the people tag you in the post you will get a notification as well. Let me know if you have any other questions. Have a great day!

  37. Thanks for the kind words Steve!

  38. Hi Joe,
    Customer centered services this days is the key because people don’t care that much about how great your product/services are.If you can provide great customer support you are on your way to success.Great tips especially the “Thank you page”.I like it, i think i walked away with something great today because been battling how to create my thank you page for my upcoming list building initiative.

    To your unlimited success,
    ~Kebabope Morapedi

  39. Great post Joe,

    Thanks for the great advice, keep it coming.


  40. Hi Joe,
    Your posts are always good and this one is no exception!
    We agree that being transparent is so important on the internet since you are unable to interact directly with them. Anything that you can do that makes you seem very human and likable works very well.

    Your idea of creating a easy-to-enroll contest within in your blog opt-in welcome and thank you page to incentivize people to become part of your FB Like Page or Group is a unique idea that I hadn’t heard of before. Seems it would work very well. Can you tell me how you create your list of possible winners and then pick the winner?

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas and tips on business social networking!

    Dawn and Dave

  41. Joe,

    Your top secret tip of the day is outstanding. Thank you very much for sharing this. I’ve been so reluctant to promote my fan page but now that I know what to do I can’t wait to implement your strategies.

    P.S. How often do you post your top secret tips? Wait! Don’t answer! I’ll just follow your RSS.


  42. Hi Joe,

    Cool idea on the tagging contest and definitely one I will talk about implementing with my biz partner. You make a good point on the humanizing of the site. It’s like in politics when they do the poll question that is which candidate would you rather have a beer with! If you are someone that no one would ever want to talk to in real life or even in virtual life, why would they want to do business with you? Especially if you are not the only person in your field or the only person that can answer the question. So working on letting your true and gloriously fun self (hopefully fun self, lol) shine through is important. – Rob

  43. I strongly agree with you Joe that there must be transparency for every site because it associates with your credibility. Its important to let them know who you are and what your business is all about because it will give them the chance to assess you and eventually put their trust. I think its no big deal if your transparent unless you just deceiving your reader or customers. Right?

  44. Joe,
    Enjoy your posts…always filled with some great info and fun to read as well. You’ve got a great way of rewarding your subscribers and providing even more value. Rewarding loyalty has always been a good win-win business proposition…..

    To your continued success,

  45. Your top secret tip of the day is outstanding. Thank you very much for sharing this. I’ve been so reluctant to promote my fan page but now that I know what to do I can’t wait to implement your strategies.


  46. Love the creativity of this post ~ terminate the competition through transparency. Absolutely! How else are you going to attract the like-minded people that will be good fits to partner with you in business? It is called SOCIAL Media for a reason! 🙂

    I’m intrigued by your contest idea ~ I am wondering the same thing as Dave and Dawn ~ how you mange the list and choose a winner. Thanks so much, Joe!

  47. Hi, just a quick to commend you on some great advise, nice .

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