Oct 222008

In the overall scheme of things there are only two types of choices, choices that take us closer to success and choices that take us away from success. This is referred to as the “Slight Edge,” by Jeff Olson.

Every choice we make lies either on the success curve which is going up and to the right, meaning closer to our goal, or down and to the right, drawing us away from our goal. All decisions, regardless of how big or small, are somewhere on this curve. At the moment we make choices it may not seem like they make a significant difference, but good or bad decisions compounded over time will be the deciding factors of our life.

You can look at it from many perspectives. One cigarette may not kill you, but the 10,000th or 100,000th just might. Fast food, one or two hamburgers aren’t clogging your arteries, but what about the 100th or 1000th? Let’s look at it from a success angle as well. Five or ten prospect calls may not make a difference, but what if you made fifty or a hundred? Reading a book or so a year may not influence your life noticeably, but how much more effective would you be if you read ten or twenty?

Looking at your decisions from any angle you will notice a positive or negative pattern or habit. Sometimes it is a good habit and sometimes it is a bad one. The only thing that matters is your ability to identify if you are riding the wave up the success wave or down the failure curve.

This evening or tomorrow morning look at all the plans and activities you do throughout the day and find out what decisions you are making that are drawing you closer to what you desire and what are drawing you away. The most important thing is to not blame others for “making you” do anything. You are the only one in control of the actions you make and only you can change your circumstances. Remember anything and everything that has occurred in your life up until this point you are 100% responsible for, good and bad, it is up to you to determine your interpretations of the events. You can look back and use them as motivation to propel you up the success curve or as your excuse that holds you down.

Thank you for your time and have a spectacular day!

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