Jun 012011

Have you ever gone somewhere that you frequent, a restaurant, amusement park, club, coffee shop, etc; somewhere you have “regular” place you sit or thing you do as you arrive and when you get there something has changed and your “usual” pattern is interrupted?

Your first reaction is probably “what the hell is going on here!” You showed up with one expectation and when you got there you were unwillingly exposed to something new. Now, are you the type of person who embraces change, or are you the pain in the ass nobody likes to deal with because the world has stopped revolving around you for a moment?

With the understanding that there are generational gaps in communication, it is important that we attempt to bridge these gaps with questions and understanding. Stubbornness and being set in our ways in no excuse, especially in this day in age where every day the world is changing in hundreds of millions of ways.

Embracing change and accepting that there is no stopping it is one of the most powerful characteristics we can adopt.

When we can open up to allowing optimism and gratitude to be the attitude we have about technological change and even differences in business management styles we can truly engage in the exponential growth many are experiencing in their business today.

What is an example of something you have experienced where your pattern was interrupted? How did it make you feel?

Sep 202010

Success is this way
If it were about the “How To’s” we would all be skinny rich and happy! The question is how can we master the mundane in our businesses and keep ourselves accountable???

I am going to be totally honest and let you know I am writing this post to give myself a good kick in the butt, and create some more accountability in my own life.

Marketing is really just a combination of doing the things we know we need to do i order to generate more business and satisfy all of our customers. I think we all know the basic principles: get in front of more people, consistently add value, great customer service, maintain the sense of pride and ownership in what we do, repeat all steps over and over again, etc. I am not afraid to admit I drop the ball on practicing what I preach 100% of the time with maintaining some of my own projects.

Is there anyone else out there who notices they are more willing to spend time working with and helping others before they complete their own tasks?!? Earning more money, and helping people is wonderful and gratifying, but does it compensate for the personal frustration you feel when you look at your own projects and say, “Damn, I should have had this done weeks ago!

I have recently been suffering from “it is easy to do, but it is also easy not to do,” syndrome for a little while now. You can obviously see that blog posts have gone from weekly to monthly… 😛

So! What can we do about it!

I am going to make a public commitment today to set my goals and objectives, post them here so you can see, and make myself accountable to all of you wonderful people and myself. If you would like to participate in this exercise please share in the comment area just 1 goal you would like to accomplish by next week, at least 1 other goal for the next 30 days (You are welcome to share more), AND what will be your penalty if you do not accomplish these goals??? There must be a sense of “suffering” other than “oops, I didn’t do my goal for the week.” Together we can create a more profitable and accountable community!

Each week we will give a shout out to all of those who have met their goals so when it catches on and we have a few people participating each week we can think of some fun bonuses.

This Weeks Goal:

  • Write/ Video 5 new blog posts (Excluding this one) and schedule them to post every 8 days by Sunday night

30 Day Goal:

  • Create another 200 tutorials videos for eMarketing Vault
  • Develop a regular social media schedule
  • Be the #1 Blog Commenter on TSA
  • Gym 4 times a week


  • Wake up at 6am everyday for a week, even weekends! And for a month if monthly goals are not accomplished (Not a big deal for most of you, but I am rarely ever awake before 8am)

Thanks everyone! See you at the top!!

photo credit: RambergMediaImages

Jun 212010

So I was in Cancun and I had this realization that marketing principals are universal in any setting. I know, I know it kind of seems like a 101 kind of thought, but I just now began relating marketing in stores to the dynamics of a presentation. Having the ability to speak and having the ability to do a presentation are two different things.

I used to think because I was comfortable speaking in front of people I could do a good presentation boy was I wrong. Now I am careful to analyze the dynamics and delivery of the speeches I am requested to make. This has resulted in not only high closing ratios, but more a more effective delivery of information to my audience.

Check out the video and let me know “Do you compete with Wal-Mart?”

Walk with me through the Cancun airport. I am literally like 10 feet out of security and I am forced into this mall of deals, liqueur tasting, and discounted  candies.

Marketing is a science, it is up to us to to distinguish what areas of our presentations need to be polished. The best closers in the world close 35%-40% of a room on an unexpected pitch.

Hope you enjoy. See you at the top!

photo credit: umm