Sep 202010

Success is this way
If it were about the “How To’s” we would all be skinny rich and happy! The question is how can we master the mundane in our businesses and keep ourselves accountable???

I am going to be totally honest and let you know I am writing this post to give myself a good kick in the butt, and create some more accountability in my own life.

Marketing is really just a combination of doing the things we know we need to do i order to generate more business and satisfy all of our customers. I think we all know the basic principles: get in front of more people, consistently add value, great customer service, maintain the sense of pride and ownership in what we do, repeat all steps over and over again, etc. I am not afraid to admit I drop the ball on practicing what I preach 100% of the time with maintaining some of my own projects.

Is there anyone else out there who notices they are more willing to spend time working with and helping others before they complete their own tasks?!? Earning more money, and helping people is wonderful and gratifying, but does it compensate for the personal frustration you feel when you look at your own projects and say, “Damn, I should have had this done weeks ago!

I have recently been suffering from “it is easy to do, but it is also easy not to do,” syndrome for a little while now. You can obviously see that blog posts have gone from weekly to monthly… 😛

So! What can we do about it!

I am going to make a public commitment today to set my goals and objectives, post them here so you can see, and make myself accountable to all of you wonderful people and myself. If you would like to participate in this exercise please share in the comment area just 1 goal you would like to accomplish by next week, at least 1 other goal for the next 30 days (You are welcome to share more), AND what will be your penalty if you do not accomplish these goals??? There must be a sense of “suffering” other than “oops, I didn’t do my goal for the week.” Together we can create a more profitable and accountable community!

Each week we will give a shout out to all of those who have met their goals so when it catches on and we have a few people participating each week we can think of some fun bonuses.

This Weeks Goal:

  • Write/ Video 5 new blog posts (Excluding this one) and schedule them to post every 8 days by Sunday night

30 Day Goal:

  • Create another 200 tutorials videos for eMarketing Vault
  • Develop a regular social media schedule
  • Be the #1 Blog Commenter on TSA
  • Gym 4 times a week


  • Wake up at 6am everyday for a week, even weekends! And for a month if monthly goals are not accomplished (Not a big deal for most of you, but I am rarely ever awake before 8am)

Thanks everyone! See you at the top!!

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Apr 292010

Business Networking TipAn apple a day won’t keep these illnesses away!

Having a strong self concept is extremely important if you are intending on creating lasting success. I was at a seminar last week and there was a speaker talking about 7 subconscious beliefs that many people face which slow down progress of their growth.

There are so many great books and video programs out there that address all of these belief systems, so I just wanted to bring them to your attention so that you may be able to identify areas you can address as soon as possible.

7 Subconscious Diseases

  • Indifference– Being nonchalant about the outcome of situations is going to slowly push you into all out carelessness if you are not careful. Crappy things start to happen when you stop caring.
  • Indecision– By not being able to “pull the trigger” when contemplating decisions puts you at risk of missing out on great opportunities which you will end up kicking yourself for later. $#!t or get off the pot!
  • Doubt– This is a sign of disbelief in your ability to accomplish what you have set out to achieve. When you set your goal you felt you had a chance at achieving it, don’t give up! Believe in yourself and magic will happen.
  • Worry- Slowing down to worry about the “what if’s” is  the biggest waste of your time ever. You set your plan, you know what needs to be done. Get to work and all of the “what if’s” that would have come to mind while you were idle won’t even come up.
  • Overcaution- It is certainly acceptable to be analytical of opportunities and business partners, but worrying yourself and never trusting others will put a choke hold on your progress. We must be able to effectively connect with others in order to grow to further level of success.
  • Pessimism- Know one wants to hear it! Just remember what your mother used to tell you, “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.”
  • Complaining– Complaints are the most counter productive action because you are not only killing your chances of success, but you are irritating others who know success will be achieved in due time.

Success comes in time. Unfortunately it is not on our schedule.

The one thing you can count on is the universe is operating absolutely perfectly. Set the goal, get a definiteness of purpose, and don’t stop until you get to where you want to go!

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Apr 052010

Thumper Dumper...
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Hello there!

I drifted away from my discipline for a few days there, but the great news is it gave me insights on the effectiveness of slowing down so you can speed up in your business.

This is the time of year when the weather starts changing, spring break sets in, and allergies take some people out of the game for a little while. The opportunities are still plentiful we are just starting the 2nd quarter of the year!

You have probably crapped out on your New Year resolution by now, and some of your big goals for the year seem like they are getting harder and harder to achieve, this is not the time to slow down and get distracted by the “what if’s.” Don’t feel sorry for yourself if everything hasn’t gone exactly the way you want it to because life is what happens once you have set your plan.

This is your opportunity, now is the time to reaffirm your goals and action plan, you must evaluate what has changed this year and what new tools and opportunities you have. Do not be afraid to edit your goals and action plan, just accepting what you initially set up will not do. You must re-write the goals. The more often you are able to do this the better you will internalize them.

You may have family coming into town, your allergies may be going crazy, you may be nowhere near your objectives for the year, it may seem like nothing is going how you planned, BUT this IS YOUR TIME! All you can do is all you can do, you must not abandon your principals.

Learning more, doing more, becoming more, that is what personal growth is all about. Slowing down to sharpen your skills and readjust your course of action is what will assure future success.

What inspires, what motivates, what excites you in your business? What is it that keeps you going day after day? Let us know.

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