Feb 082009


Today I would like to create a little dialog between myself and all of you out there in internet land.

I appreciate your support and feedback on previous articles and that is why I would like to ask for your opinion and assistance.

Where it is that you find personal happiness in life?

When you know your goal, and see yourself making a positive difference in the lives of others what kind of self evaluation have you found to be useful in identifying your happiness?

Quick overview of the reasoning for this post: I am a 24 year old entrepreneur. No girlfriend, wife, kids, or other immediate responsibilities other than routine bills. Business has been absolutely wonderful, especially over the past 5 months. Health is constantly improving both mentally and physically. Road block is I have been finding it difficult to find joy in other areas outside my work and fitness routine.

No one is responsible for our happiness but us.
We are the only ones in control of moods and emotions, however, we tend to give others the power to have influence over us every so often. This is why we must choose our associations carefully. Sometimes the result is limiting time spent with people who are not positively enriching our lives. When we  begin this transition it may feel like we are abandoning some friends and sometimes even loved ones, but the road to success is the road less traveled. This has been personally tried and tested by myself and many, many others and based on experience and the testimonials I have heard the reward significantly outweighs the price paid.

My questions lies here: When sacrifices have been made, and personal success is beginning to come about faster and faster, but it just feels like there is something missing in life, what have been any successful actions or ideas you have had to bring that happiness and joy into your life?

If you can relate to this in any way and have insight, testimonials, book recommendations please do leave a comment.

I appreciate your time and your input. May you have an absolutely spectacular week!

Nov 292008

By: Carrie Kukuda, The Someday Coach

Beat the average American weight gain of 7 lbs. from Thanksgiving to New Years Day

The average American gains 7 lbs. during the holidays. It comes at no surprise with all the food temptations & parties galore. Here are some tips to beat it.

1)    Don’t go hungry to a party; eat something before you go. Bring a dish that fits your health needs, which you like and you know you’ll eat guilt-free.

2)    Don’t stand or sit near the food. Mindless eating occurs every time. Move it or move you. Throw away your plate when you’re done and chew gum or hard candy to help you stop.

3)    Drink a big glass of water before eating, it helps fill you up. Scope out the table for the foods you have to have, choose smaller plates, and take a little of each. You can always go back for seconds. No picking! Be a food snob; if you don’t like something don’t eat it. Why take in the extra calories. Use caution with gravy and other high calorie foods. One slice of Pecan Pie with whipped topping is 800 calories, stuffing with gravy is 600 calories, and a cup of eggnog is 400 calories.

4)    Decide how many drinks you are going to have before the party, choose light, and alternate between an alcohol beverage (if you drink) and water (same goes for soda). This cuts out 100’s of calories and you still have your cocktails and soda treats.

5)    Tighten your belt and don’t loosen it and wear snug clothes. This leaves no room for overeating or a very uncomfortable day or evening.

6)    Only take home leftovers if they are healthy ones. You had your treat!

7)    Exercise the day of and the day after. Not to mention, when with friends and family find activities to do, which create movement.

8)    Have the treats it you have it only once in while; take a small piece or split it. Eat it slow, really taste it. If you end up eating too much, don’t beat yourself up. Do better the next party and keep your goals close at heart.

Use these tips and you may be able to keep your weight at bay.

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