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Do you believe you deserve or have the ability to achieve the lifestyle you desire?

After you determine what is important to you now you can take the time to dig deep and determine what your ideal life style looks like. What tends to hinder people once their goals are set is their inner belief in themselves.

We can set all the goals, put up all the pictures, do all the visualization we want, but if we allow that little voice of doubt that say “you’re not good enough, you can’t do it, that will never happen,” it will never feel like enough.

A great way to train yourself to learn what voice to listen to and what voice to ignore is when you are saying to yourself “I can do this, I am this,” whenever your thought begins with “I” that is your success mechanism. When you think to yourself “You are, You can’t,” anything that beginning with “You” it is your failure mechanism activating and your unconscious mind creates the perception of doubt and failure. IGNORE this voice! When you have a thought that is “you ___” make a conscious effort to retaliate on it with an “I AM” statement. At first this will take conscious effort, but in time it will become second nature and you will have weakened the failure mechanism to a point of no return.

So as you take the time to put your goals down on paper, in pictures around your house, allow them to appear in your day dreams, as your desires and goals consume you please remind yourself you are worthy. You are great and deserving of all that is wonderful. We are designed for greatness, but programmed for failure. This is why it is so necessary to surround yourself with those who have accomplished what you aspire to. They will become your support.

John Addison has a great CD titles “Don’t listen to anyone more screwed up than you are.” The title itself should be explanation enough to avoid listening to people who will try to drag you down. Life is too short to adopt other people beliefs about your actions.

Take a few hours to set your goals, find out what your ideal life looks like and begin believing you can and will accomplish it. When someone asks you what do you want to be doing in 10 years you can say it with confidence and without hesitation.

Good luck and stay tuned for part 3!

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