Dec 072011

There is without a doubt a surplus of professional business networking events to attend as well as an increasing number of trainings to help business owners with social networking going on across the country. But, take a moment to think about your actions… Have you become a professional meeting attender??

(Yes, I am aware attender is not a real word, but attending meetings for a living isn’t a real business.)

After hosting networking events and trainings for the last 5 years it is both exciting and frustrating to see the waves of people come in and out. Everyone is “trying” to grow their business, they go out and attend everything imaginable, which is the exciting part. However, it seems like a crazy high percentage of people never implement anything at all!

Whether you are at a professional networking event or are starting to take part in social networking for business purposes the philosophy behind your objective is universal; connect with and help as many people as possible and then you will make more money. This is not rocket science.

Surely those of you who have been to a live professional networking event have encountered those obnoxious people who walk in with a stack of business cards and their only objective is to get rid of all of them, because “that’s marketing.” Is this really so different than logging onto Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or any of the other hundred social networks you are trying to use for your business and seeing the guy who thinks posting, “Hey, this is what I do! Check me out and let me know if I can help you.” Is it like using pay per click management to get an idea about your market?

How self centered are we to think that anyone cares about who we are or what we do?

Whether live or online the interaction that will turn into a potential business relationship looks like this:

  • Introduction (Meeting and learning about one another, no pitching or looking at people like they have dollar signs shooting out of their head.)
  • Identifying ways to help your new friend accomplish something in order to get them closer to a goal that they have. (Helping other people may very well help us advance our business as well… WOW, who’d a thunk it?!?)
  • Then it is really all about staying on each others radar. Having a meeting every now and then, communicating online, checking in to see how everything is going. (You know, developing a friendship)

(Yes, I am also aware I am being very condescending. My objective is to show you how simple the process can be if you allow it, and also to save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars “trying” to figure it out.)

These 3 basic principals work, and they work at live professional networking events or online when messing with your businesses social networking.

How much time should you spend networking online and in person? Well that really depends on just how friendly and resourceful you really are.

Meetings, trainings, and events are great, but when do you get to the point where you stop “trying” and start “DOING!”

I wish for you the greatest amount of success with both your professional networking efforts and in your business social networking.

Have an awesome day!

Dec 012011

So Pay Per Click costs on Google have exploded in cost over the last few years. In 2006 average we were looking at an average of $.32/ per click and 2010 we were up to $1.24/ per click. On top of that that the majority of businesses participating don’t even know if they are converting enough people to justify spending $1.00+ to get them to their site!

If you are like most site owners you probably have no idea what your conversion rate is, but you still want traffic.  Social media, organic SEO, and all the other site optimization strategies are great, but what if there was a way to get clicks for $.04-$.10 per, is that a little more budget friendly? Would it be worth it to spend $5/ day and get another 60-100 unique, targeted visitors to your site?

Absolutely! Even if you don’t know anything about your conversion rate another 2000+ hits to your site a month should show you some profitability, and for only $150/month it’s a no brainer.

Ok so where the heck can I set up these campaigns?

There are 2 areas to get super cheap PPC ads as of June 2011.

1) YouTube

2) Gmail

YouTube is starting to get some legs behind it in regards to businesses launching successful campaigns, but fortunately the majority of the social media marketing focus is still revolving around Facebook. Imagine if you had dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people watching a video you created that not only provided great content, but had an enticing offer at the backend. Maybe your offer was just to subscribe to getting a free gift this is a very inexpensive way of getting visibility and growing your list.

How cool would it be if you could advertise on all the emails your competitor sent to people that used Gmail? That is one of the cool features in Gmail PPC. You can identify a specific phrase or tag line that is in all of your competitor’s emails and use them as the keywords. Then bada bing bada boom, you are in there like swimwear for only $.05-.10/click.

Before you jump in with both feet make sure your site is converting well. If you need some pointers check out the 5 elements of a online marketing strategy post.

What have been your most effective sources for traffic?