May 232011

I recently went on the backstage tour at Disney World and learned some top secret Disney information that can help you with your online marketing!

Here is a quick review and recap of the tour before we begin: Six hour tour, $75 per person lunch included, lots of cool and interesting facts, it was cool to see all the backstage storage and employee areas, the efficiency is beyond amazing, and I saw 2 characters without their heads!

So Joe, how does any of this relate to my online marketing efforts?

I am so glad you asked!

Within the first hour of the tour our guide filled us in on how Disney makes all their decisions within the park regarding attractions, construction, and pretty much anything else that people see while they are in any park. The four things they evaluate, and this is in order of importance: Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency.

It was funny how my brain immediately related this into internet marketing. After thinking about each of these four evaluated areas here is how I interpreted into a successful web presence.

1) Safety- Most people’s focus on, once their site is “up,” getting traffic. Now obviously traffic is a critical component of your site, but when your site is not ready to convert visitors into anything that is going to benefit them or yourself, what good is traffic? It is important to aim at increasing traffic when it is safe to do so. Don’t waste all your ammo on setting up an amazing launch if you haven’t spent some time testing out conversions and what calls to action are going to be most effective. Do some upfront research on your industry and competitors to determine what will be most effective, then you can set up a safe, successful, profitable launch of your site.

2) Courtesy- How generous are you with information? Are you accessible to your followers? Is everything you blog about and have on your pages a blatant sales pitch? As a business marketing online, it is important to communicate and respond to your audience as quick as you can. More importantly, be courteous enough not to see every engagement as a sales opportunity. People enjoy and appreciate communication without solicitation, it builds confidence and a comfortable dependency on the easy access to your knowledge.

3) Show- This is really the “sales pitch” of your product. How well is it viewed? Is your pitch enticing and does it draw your audience into wanting to learn more about how your product or service can help them? If they aren’t ready to make a purchase today is there any kind of freebie or trial version they can take advantage of? It is the user engagement with not only your sales pages, but your site as a whole which is the “show.

4) Efficiency- This is more of a backend necessity. You really don’t want to be scrambling daily or weekly to manage comments, sales, and social networking. This is why a routine schedule you create for yourself is imperative. I am sure at some point in your life you made a list of things to do and found it to be significantly more productive.

So there it is! You now know how Disney operates and how you can apply it to your internet marketing.

Let us know of an interesting situation you have been in that you found yourself relating back to the internet.

May 152011

[google1]Much like how life is always changing and evolving so is consumerism. What was the last sizable purchase you made? How did you start the process?

One of the most interesting things to me is analyzing how buying patterns shift. The psychology behind how people make purchases has changed dramatically over the last few decades. A friend of mine, Rusty Fox, was doing a training and told us the story of how the purchase of a microwave has evolved over the last 30 or so years.

Now, I wasn’t around 30 years ago, but this still makes perfect sense.

When someone wanted to go buy a microwave or a comparable item where would they probably end up? Some place like Sears, or another local appliance store. The person with all the info was the well dressed sales person, typically a man, who was there to tell you all the great benefits and all the amazing features your new “toy” would have. There wasn’t much validation to his sales pitch other than his word, but he sure did get you excited about having your steak reheated in only a minute!

So how has this changed? Sears is still around, now we even have Lowes and Home Depot. Ask yourself this, “When I go into a store do I really need a sales person’s assistance in helping me make my decision or do I just need them to show the right isle?”

We have taken the product knowledge responsibility away from the sales person and tossed it online so we can figure things out for ourselves.

“I don’t want something I need, I want something I want.” – Quote from the movie, “Love Actually

We want to come to conclusions on our own; the skilled sales person is no longer the one who provides valuable information, it is the one who can best lead someone to coming to a decision based on information they already had. This is why marketing online is so revolutionary and effective, the conclusions have already been made and consumers are searching for the product to purchase.

How do you engage with potential customers and become an information resource they can use to investigate products and services? Are you bold enough to review your competition and highlight their benefits? (You should be because as an affiliate you can get paid on it!)

May 082011

Are you Winning? Is tiger blood flowing through your veins? Or, are you a “troll?”

Regardless of your answer, the reality is, most people will read this know exactly what and who I am referencing. That my friend, is what matters.

I am going to title this marketing strategy as: “Hot Topic Marketing”

Over the past few month it is undeniable Charlie Sheen’s situation has been a train wreck hundreds of millions of people can’t help but watch. Now, how does this translate into a marketing idea?

Well, the title of this post is one example and just a week or so after all the media a new energy drink was released called “Tiger’s Blood.” The point of the matter is, in marketing, whether online or offline, traffic and exposure are driven by popular topics. That is why we write about what we write about, it is why we have chosen the industry we work in, it is what drives consumerism.

So is it easier to create the hot topic, or piggy back off current trends? I think you would agree that there are enough “breaking” news stories and celebrity train wrecks every week that there is no shortage of material to work with so unless you prefer to work hard instead of smart the piggy back method will do just fine.

This is a strategy that has been going on forever, but I think it goes unrecognized in the majority of marketing. It requires a little creativity, and time budgeting to stay on top of current events, but when you can be early to the market with something that can be relevant or comical to a situation that is going to go viral your marketing message has a great opportunity to take off with it.

For your next marketing piece, blog post, article, video, or anything you are attempting to get some exposure from check out some trending topics and see if you can find a way to connect that topic to your message.

Now if you will excuse me I am going to go back to Winning!