Jan 252011

Have you ever thought to yourself “I am delivering great content and consistently at that, where is all the traffic?”

Well, as the saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child,” it takes a following to grow web traffic. But Joe, don’t I need traffic to build a following? Which comes first the chicken or the egg?

Here are three strategies that I have seen work for myself in the past, and will be reinstating in my own site for the foreseeable future.

1. Guests Posts- This is an easy and effective way to leverage other peoples following. Find other sites with a similar message to your own, begin commenting in order to build a relationship with the author, then request if you can do a guest post for them. You want to make sure the site you are building a relationship with has a decent Google page rank of 2 or more.

This strategy is going to work on two levels:

  • You are building backlinks on relative and credible sites
  • You are creating a relationship where you can get guest posts to post on your own site (which is the primary objective.)

2. Interviews- This is a fun, slightly more time intensive, but powerful credibility enhancer. You can use some of the same strategies of getting guest posts so you can build solid relationships before asking for the interview. I encourage you to identify the best in your industry locally, nationally, and internationally and set yourself some targeted people to interview.

Much like having guest posts this allows people to share, with their network, how they have this awesome interview on your website.

3. Create a promotion strategy with friends- Write yourself an amazing post then find a few friends that have a little bit of a following then get one person to start a discussion or make a statement in the form of a status update. Once that is complete have everyone else standing by to participate in the communication sharing and validating how your post is the most useful and relevant answer to the discussion.

These are 3 very powerful techniques you can put into place immediately. What has been the most successful strategy you have used that you noticed a significant grow in traffic?

Jan 052011

Which compensation plan is more profitable for a business to implement?

A good friend and mentor of mine, Mark Katz, participated the TEDx Palmacia event recently and in this video he gives an unique insight that will really make you think about what really is most effective for a business to utilize in order to create long lasting success.

This was one of the most thought provoking presentation I have seen in a while. It was really cool to see the video go over the last month. If you are not familiar with TEDx it is without a doubt an amazing organization to pay some attention to.

Hope this got you thinking. If you know of any businesses that you think would see some value in creating an implementation program or would like a compensation evaluation let me know and I can pass the info onto Mark.

Have an awesome day!!