Jan 302010
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Business Networking to your success!

It is easy to find business networking functions to go to, but what does it take to make it worth the time investment?

I have broken it down into 6 MUST HAVE qualities. Each are very easy. Easy is anything that you can do. The flip side is everything that is easy to do is also easy not to do. If you aren’t willing to adopt these 6 qualities don’t even waste your time going to business networking events.

  1. Desire to help others unconditionally– Giving with the expectation of getting something in return is not the objective. Help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want… Not necessarily from the person you helped!
  2. Positive attitude– This is a MUST!! We each have enough crap to listen to everywhere else. If you don’t have anything constructive to contribute just SHUT UP!
  3. Willingness to participate in meetings– Don’t sit there in silence when you have the opportunity to, at very least, ask a question. You are there to meet people and be perceived as a valuable resource.
  4. Be prepared– Know your ideal client, referral partner, other event locations, etc.
  5. Good Hygiene– Know one wants to be around people that smell or have bad breath.
  6. Follow up– Meet with the people you met at an event on a one on one basis. Your purpose is not to sell the group with your commercial, it is to create an interest in meeting with you at a later time.

The best part about mastering these few things is it shouldn’t be that difficult. I love what Jeffrey Gitomer said in his book “Little Black Book of Connections,” “Everything you need to know about networking you leaned in grade school.” This couldn’t be more true!

Take a bath, play nice, do your homework, and participate in class. Many of you have kids, lead by example! For those of you who don’t have kids, like myself, get with the program!

Let’s get out there and create massive success!

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Jan 252010


If you want to expand your influence, have people invite you into their networks and improve your personal brand then pay close attention. Below is not how to do it…

How many times have you been at a networking event or been invited to do coffee for a one on one where you’re to “learn about how to help one another” and you find out you’re being “pitched?”

It isn’t a warm fuzzy feeling is it?

Nor do you feel you’ll be “helping this person out” anytime soon with referrals.

If you’re guilty of this or have been no worries. It all changes today.

Linear Language

This person didn’t understand the value of leveraged vs linear language.

Don’t sweat it, I think lots of people early on in their networking have probably done it. I know, you’re passionate about what you do and think everyone is a candidate for your wares. Right?

Not true, and even if they were you want to heed some advice and think past the point of immediate sale.

Think reputation and think about word of mouth.

Linear language is where the person is just trying to pitch you and not thinking past the point of sale. The days of hard core pitching and closing the sale are soon fading if not already.

Imagine linear language as this:

“Hey Jim how are ya? Good to see you! Hey did you know I’m selling XYZ widgets now? People could save a TON of money if they bought one of these. Here’s what it does….” (20 minutes later you’re still talking with the hopes they will want to buy it themselves)

Monopolizing peoples time at a networking function or even over a one on one & just pitching them is a no win situation. Not for the person you’re verbally abusing or for you because there’s a good chance they aren’t interested to begin with.

This is called the shotgun effect. You spray them with facts, figures & stories in the hopes something sticks & they want to buy.

Leveraged Language

If you want to expand your influence, have people invite you into their networks and improve your personal brand-leveraged language is the way to go.

It’s the same for in person networking or online social networking. If all you do is pitch don’t expect to get rich. Developing report, trust and a sincere relationship is key first and foremost.

-Don’t expect everyone is interested in what you do.
Law of reciprocity-Ask someone what they do and they will ask you what you do.
-Don’t puke on them about what you do-just a quick blurb then ask them more about what they do, how they got started or why they did.
Ask them what is a good customer or prospect. If they aren’t looking for “sales” ask them what’s the most effective way you can support them.

Not all networking consists of someone looking for sales. However if they are these above rules are even more crucial.

Transparency And Leverage

If you’re going to engage someone about your product or services directly in a networking situation make it clear you realize it may not be a good fit for them right up front. This implies you’re not trying to sell them something directly.

However you do value their opinion and you’re going to be looking for referral business but wouldn’t expect them to refer anyone if they didn’t know what you were doing.

Then ask for their help and share what you do: Keep is short concise and to the point using whatever sales aids you can to convey the value.

Remember people buy experiences & outcomes not products.

This is called leveraged language. Even though they may not have a need themselves they can and will refer people to you if you’re authentic & transparent about your motives.

Not to mention they will be more apt to introduce you into their networks based on how you approached them & developed a relationship first.

How you do anything is how you do anything. If you’re pushy, obnoxious or self centered in your approach there’s no way they will allow you to do the same thing to their network. Your actions are a reflection on them.

Now go network using leveraged language and prosper.

Tony Teegarden is a blogger, network marketer and online personality who coined the term Human SEO for Self Exploration Optimization. He lends his experience of 18 years in sales, management , leadership & spiritual research have allowed him to teach his concepts for deeper and healthier relationships online and off. You can visit him at >> http://www.tonyteegarden.comReblog this post [with Zemanta]

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Jan 202010
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I am going to be a little blunt and upfront today, but it is for your own good… I promise.

With the changes in the economy many people are taking part in MLM, Network Marketing, and Unfranchise opportunities. Whatever title you give it is irrelevant, if you can’t talk about it with confidence and pride quit already, don’t waste your sponsors time and energy.

The fact is there are more people making hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in that industry than most others industries combined, and it’s usually the guys at the top that aquire MLM leads from the start for their product. But I am not coming to you today to sell you on the industry, I am here to help you competently promote your business at a local business networking events.

In a nut shell you must adopt the philosophy of “Sell to recruit, don’t recruit to sell!”

People do not go to business networking events looking to “start a plan B,” “make extra money,” “take advantage of a prelaunch,” “save money when they shop,” or any other overused network marketing phase. They go to build their business!

You took part in the opportunity you are in right now because you saw value in the products or services… At least I hope that’s what your decision was based on. If it was based on who started your company, who’s backing your company, or how much money you THINK you can make your failure is imminent.

Network marketing is no different than any other business. It must offer an affordable product or service that solves a problem or fills a need, and the easier the product or service is to duplicate the faster heavy competition will show up in the market.

At business networking events your purpose is no different than anyone else at the group, and that purpose is to add value. When you have the opportunity to speak about your products or services, speak about your product or service! Don’t waste the groups time talking about how you need more distributors, that is for you to discuss with the leadership of your company. Your product is useful and you are there to find alliances and customer referrals, if your product doesn’t pay you enough to just market it by itself and you NEED new distributors to get paid FIND SOMETHING ELSE!

Business networking and network marketing are almost identical. They both are based on finding other people to develop relationships with and create success. You have the opportunity to work with who you want and your success is only up to one person, YOU!

There are hundreds of events, and hundreds of opportunities out there one constant variable is, if you are with a reputable company, “you are either not doing something enough or you are not doing something right.” – Nick Serba One way or the other only you can make the alteration.

Together we can come together as a nation and motivate, build up, and inspire each other to create more success than ever before. But, a change is philosophies and motives is imperative.

To your success, I look forward to seeing you at the top!

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