May 212009

Here is a short networking tip from Chris Lontok with Business Local Listings, a local Tampa Bay business owner.

You must have a way for people to subscribe to your posts in order to help you build a quality marketing list. Follow Chris’s tips and you will be one step closer to having a marketing list to begin advertising to.

Good Luck and have a great day!

May 152009


Having the proper mindset when attending business networking events is imperative. Realizing that these events are not about you, but about everyone you come in contact with and how you can benefit them will make your life much less stressful.

When YOU can identify and explain someone’s challenges better than they can YOU will be seen as an authority figure and will be sought out for the answers. This doesn’t mean have a product or service in your back pocket to pitch that will potentially assist this person. People don’t want things they want results. What value are you able to provide and how fast are you able to provide it? Your level of success depends on the size of the challenge you can resolve, whether that is in your business or someone else’s.

You must know what YOUR target looks like, and be able to explain that in as few words as possible. Be the example. When you are able to say I want to meet XYZ person, in ZYX industry or I would like an introduction to YXZ company and STOP TALKING. You have just allowed that person to either begin thinking of someone they can connect you with or left it open for them to ask you the question of WHY or WHAT DO YOU DO?

When you are being asked these questions “don’t vomit all over them,” give a two sentence answer and reflect a question back to them to begin identifying who they are, what they do, who they are looking for, and what are successful actions or challenges they have faced that you may be able to assist them in to help them achieve their next level of success.

Become a selfless problem solver and idea factory for all that you meet. When you have mastered this you will become the “go to” person for whatever comes up in your client or colleagues life.

Willingly help others with no expectation of anything in return and your life and your business will flourish!

Good luck, now let’s go meet some people!