Feb 242009


In times of uncertainty it is important to spend time focusing on RGA, Revenue Generating  Actions. Are all facets of your day to day activity bringing income into your household? If not why, and what can you do to change that?

The answer is become more valuable.

Become more valuable as a person, business owner, friend, partner, networker, make yourself an asset to those around you. You are the only one in control of your goals and actions. You decide your associations, what you read, and what you allow to be influential and only you know if what the effects are.

In the business community it is very advantageous to become a student of networking. Find out how to make the most out of every event, but also learn how to do so online. You can only meet so many people going out and about personally, but when you learn how to make your time on your computer just as valuable as your time at live events your efforts can only multiply. A phenomenal resource for learning this is www.sethgodin.com.

Before you can be valuable online you must learn how to become more valuable in person. Take time everyday to “sharpen your axe.” When you sit down with people take notes, utilize your database and the databases of people in your network to find resources for those you meet with. By doing this you are increasing your value to the person you met with, others in your network, and people in your networks network. It continues to build deeper and deeper and you become more and more of a resource.

The one key factor that you must have is a genuine interest in learning about others and the desire to help them unconditionally.

Your income and success is up to you and you alone.

Feb 082009


Today I would like to create a little dialog between myself and all of you out there in internet land.

I appreciate your support and feedback on previous articles and that is why I would like to ask for your opinion and assistance.

Where it is that you find personal happiness in life?

When you know your goal, and see yourself making a positive difference in the lives of others what kind of self evaluation have you found to be useful in identifying your happiness?

Quick overview of the reasoning for this post: I am a 24 year old entrepreneur. No girlfriend, wife, kids, or other immediate responsibilities other than routine bills. Business has been absolutely wonderful, especially over the past 5 months. Health is constantly improving both mentally and physically. Road block is I have been finding it difficult to find joy in other areas outside my work and fitness routine.

No one is responsible for our happiness but us.
We are the only ones in control of moods and emotions, however, we tend to give others the power to have influence over us every so often. This is why we must choose our associations carefully. Sometimes the result is limiting time spent with people who are not positively enriching our lives. When we  begin this transition it may feel like we are abandoning some friends and sometimes even loved ones, but the road to success is the road less traveled. This has been personally tried and tested by myself and many, many others and based on experience and the testimonials I have heard the reward significantly outweighs the price paid.

My questions lies here: When sacrifices have been made, and personal success is beginning to come about faster and faster, but it just feels like there is something missing in life, what have been any successful actions or ideas you have had to bring that happiness and joy into your life?

If you can relate to this in any way and have insight, testimonials, book recommendations please do leave a comment.

I appreciate your time and your input. May you have an absolutely spectacular week!

Feb 052009


I have come to realize that people don’t want things they want results. They want the “how to’s” not the philosophy to make the “how to’s” work.

If it were all about the how to’s we would all be skinny, rich, and happy. We understand, or at least we think we understand, the actions required to accomplish what we want. If this is true why are so many people struggling and complaining? The solution is getting better at how we do the how to’s.

The knowledge is available, it can be at our fingertips more now so than ever. There is absolutely no shortage of resources and information to acquire that anyone should feel they have a lack. If people can come  from other continents, speak no English, and a few years later not only speak almost fluent English, but create success what is your excuse!?!

The question is, are you able to sacrifice what you are for what you want to become? We have no limitations, but the limitations we put upon ourselves. When we can believe and realize that our dreams are the answers to tomorrow’s questions our potential is unlimited.

As you evaluate what you need to do in your business, in your finances, in your personal life keep in mind that you are the only one responsible for your personal happiness. If 90% or more of your daily actions aren’t in alignment with making you happy or bringing you closer to happiness reevaluate your actions.

What do you want!

That has been the hardest question for me to answer in my life. I am able to define long term goals, but thinking short term to what makes me feel happy and successful eludes me.

To create success both short term and long term it is up to us to look at our lives objectively, dig deep and find out what makes us tick.

Good luck, and have a wonderful day!