Jan 192009


What is important to you?

In the basic 5 areas of life what has the most meaning. Take a moment to put these five areas of your life in order from most to least important.


-Business/ Finances


-Family/ Relationships


These happen to be the order of the priorities in my life. Now this is not to say you are neglecting any areas if they are lower on your list, but we are all at different stages in life and as we are growing and changing so are our priorities.  I certainly am guilty of not paying attention as much as I would like to, to the last two areas at this point in my life, but my family respects and understands my goals and I am willing to sacrifice some moments of entertainment to achieve the level of success I desire.

You must define what success and happiness mean to you.
This is imperative!

Who do you view as successful? What makes you feel happy about life and yourself?

I love the Topher Morrison , a NLP Trainer and Hypnotist, training on evaluating these two areas, specifically happiness. Very often we put the achievement of our happiness on the shoulders the people and circumstances we are subjected to. Not to say this doesn’t have a part in our feelings, but the training was presented to focus more on the gratitude we should have over the little things. He gave a great example about finance.

“I am happy about my finances when I have more money at the end of the month than bills.” Of course this isn’t  out of the ordinary, but listen to his spin on it. “Now, after evaluating myself and where I have come from, I am just happy to have any amount of money. If I have $100 in my pocket or $1 I feel abundant. There are people out there without any of the means that I have been blessed with so why not be grateful and feel abundant to just have something?”

The first step to manifesting the lifestyle you desire is determining what is most important to you in your life at the present moment.

Jan 122009


With the increase in business networking events over the past year it is amazing listening to the different results the attendees are getting, but it is unfortunate to see the majority come and go without even realizing what they are missing out on. Networking business to business, and business to consumer is, in my opinion, the easiest and least expensive form of advertising out there, period. But why does it work so well for some and not at all for others?

The answer is very simple. Networking is more than just going to events and passing around cards and pitching your product or service, it is about selling yourself as a valuable person. If you are out meeting with people for your profession you have certainly heard “the customer isn’t buying the product they are buying you.” This is the name of the game, but rarely do you hear people talk about how they are able to help others rather than giving a plug for their business.

Here are 5 imperative lessons you must put into action immediately if you want networking to be a useful tool in your business.

1) Your goal is NOT to see how fast you can give out all of your business cards.

2) When you are on your way to an event begin to think about what other business you have met with in the past and what they are looking for so when you are mingling or listening to others commercials you can identify a great lead for someone else immediately. (If you are just starting networking and don’t have a large network yet be prepared to, listen, listen, listen, to what everyone else is looking for so you can begin increasing your value.)

3) When someone asks what you do, don’t vomit all over them. Have a short pitch or commercial that “plants a seed” with your new FRIEND. Your goal is to build rapport & curiosity as fast as possible, with minimal talking on your part, and turn the focus from you to them. Your goal is to learn about others and how you can help their business.

4) Allow your goal at every event be, how many ideas, leads, and referrals can I get out that will help others advance their business. NOT how can I get more business for myself.

Don’t email everyone you met after the meeting with a mass email saying how great it was to have met you and I am looking forward to seeing you again. This is a waste of your time and the other attendee’s time. If you are not willing to make the effort and send personal greetings don’t bother sending anything.

Your objective is to make FRIENDS. People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Do your friends know, like, and trust you? Wouldn’t they be inclined to help your business? A must read is “How to Win FRIENDS and Influence People,” if you haven’t read this book get up right now and go buy it, don’t order it online, get off your ass, go to the store pick it up and read it as fast as possible.  It will benefit you more than you can imagine.

Good luck and happy networking!

Jan 112009


Along with success comes responsibility.

The old statement “more money, more problems” seems to be a plague in our society. A great example is looking at some of the nation’s present circumstances. We had lots of broke people borrowing way more money than they could afford to pay back, and banks and lenders didn’t seem to mind or more importantly see the writing on the wall that the house of cards was about to come crashing down. Now we have people out of work, a housing crisis, and more people complaining than ever!

This is great! What a massive opportunity there is out there for all of us! Is this your perception? If not, why?

Every situation, every downfall, every obstacle that could possibly arise in an individual’s life presents an amazing opportunity. I know, I know it may not seem that way, especially at first, but the universe is operating perfectly and there is no denying that. Circumstance are 100% about perception. It is broken down very simply in the “The Slight Edge.”

Your philosophy derives your attitude. Your attitude creates your action. Your action determines your results. Your results build your lifestyle. “You are today where your thoughts have brought you, you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you,” –Emerson. Where will you be tomorrow?

Are you prepared to take responsibility for your thoughts? Successful people understand that with wealth comes sacrifice and responsibility. The 95% of the population who will be dead or dead broke by 65 years old are fortunately now being forced to analyze their life and learn something other than just existing and having a meaningless job.

Now is the time of sacrifice, but what will determine future success will be who is willing to take responsibility now and “sharpen their axe,” pick up a book, learn from those who have already done it, and get out there and allow the magnificence of the universe work for them.

Plan, do, review, plan, do review, plan, do, review is what is necessary to acquire the higher level of success we desire. Get a goals board, set up a mental movie for yourself watching yourself live your life the exact way you want it to look and watch the miracles begin to appear.

Good luck and have a wonderful day!