Dec 012008

There is a book out there called 212 degrees. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out I highly recommend it! (Click the link to see the short video it comes with!)

What the book, which also comes along with a DVD, illustrates is that at 211 degrees water is hot. BUT! With only 1 degree of difference, once the water hits 212 degrees it is boiling.

This is the most excellent example how we are the ones in control of our own destiny. Only we are responsible for the outcomes in our life. The desire to reach the goals we have set for ourselves will inevitably determine the intensity to which we strive to achieve them.

Ask yourself, “Am I doing all that I can to accomplish all that I desire?” If not, then ask “WHY!?!”

What I have found to be true is very often we are setting goals that have no personal meaning. We set up income goals, and weight goals, and career goals, and on and on we go with our daily routines expecting just to accomplish them one day. Where is the PASSION!?! Are you doing what you love?

I don’t know what the percentage is of people who are working in professions they dislike, but I am sure it is an outrageous number. Why would you choose to live in a world of mediocrity and scarcity when there is a universe of unlimited abundance at your fingertips?

I encourage you to take an inventory of your life at this present time. Think about your profession and what is great about it or what you would like to change, look at your health and financial status and determine what would be the optimal circumstances from now on. Really take some time and find out what lights your inner fire. Work backwards from you desired result and run with the ideas!

“In order to get what we have never gotten, we must do what we have never done!”

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