Slight Edge, What Success Curve Are You Operating On?

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Oct 222008

In the overall scheme of things there are only two types of choices, choices that take us closer to success and choices that take us away from success. This is referred to as the “Slight Edge,” by Jeff Olson.

Every choice we make lies either on the success curve which is going up and to the right, meaning closer to our goal, or down and to the right, drawing us away from our goal. All decisions, regardless of how big or small, are somewhere on this curve. At the moment we make choices it may not seem like they make a significant difference, but good or bad decisions compounded over time will be the deciding factors of our life.

You can look at it from many perspectives. One cigarette may not kill you, but the 10,000th or 100,000th just might. Fast food, one or two hamburgers aren’t clogging your arteries, but what about the 100th or 1000th? Let’s look at it from a success angle as well. Five or ten prospect calls may not make a difference, but what if you made fifty or a hundred? Reading a book or so a year may not influence your life noticeably, but how much more effective would you be if you read ten or twenty?

Looking at your decisions from any angle you will notice a positive or negative pattern or habit. Sometimes it is a good habit and sometimes it is a bad one. The only thing that matters is your ability to identify if you are riding the wave up the success wave or down the failure curve.

This evening or tomorrow morning look at all the plans and activities you do throughout the day and find out what decisions you are making that are drawing you closer to what you desire and what are drawing you away. The most important thing is to not blame others for “making you” do anything. You are the only one in control of the actions you make and only you can change your circumstances. Remember anything and everything that has occurred in your life up until this point you are 100% responsible for, good and bad, it is up to you to determine your interpretations of the events. You can look back and use them as motivation to propel you up the success curve or as your excuse that holds you down.

Thank you for your time and have a spectacular day!

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Oct 192008

There are people in our lives who are positive and there are those who are negative, both we may consider friends, but how is this effecting us?

When you are in conversation with others and someone is talking about something as simple as remembering names or as elaborate as doubling their income have you noticed yourself thinking “wow, I can’t do that!” and then after you think about it you verbalize it and notify those around you aren’t capable of achieving what they are talking about!

This is one of the many ways we reinforce and program ourselves for underachievement and perceived failure. All of the “I’m not’s,” “I cant’s,” and whatever other self demeaning vocabulary we have learned is day by day sabotaging us subconsciously. Since thoughts are things, this is scientifically proven by the way, it is imperative that we begin to train ourselves to think in terms of what we are capable of and what we do want to manifest into our lives.

Here is a fun and interesting little challenge I learned from hypnotist Topher Morrison. When you have “one of those mornings,” and you perceive things to already be going downhill from the time you get out of bed, for the rest of the day try this: Walk everywhere you have to go at a little faster speed, with your head up, looking around, with a smile on your face greeting everyone you see, and when you get where you are going put your hands up and say “Here I am, I made it!” Do this the entire day until you go to sleep at night.

The reasoning behind this is you typically don’t see unhappy, miserable people walking around quickly with a smile on their face especially greeting others, and your subconscious mind knows this as well. By walking faster and smiling you are now inadvertently tricking your subconscious mind into being happy and enjoying life and since your subconscious is the director of your feelings and emotions you may just feel better on a conscious level as well. Go figure!

Enjoy your day, and have some fun!

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Oct 152008

Have you been at a networking function and within 5-10 minutes collected 5-10 business cards of people you don’t know and are not going to do business with? For many of you the answer is “yes,” if your answer is “no” then you need to read this article more than you know.

Most people’s natural tendency, especially when they are starting to network, is to be as interesting as possible, and why shouldn’t it be? When we look at the way life has been for the most part, it is usually when we have something interesting or entertaining to talk about when we receive the most attention.

Well I am here to give you a few good reasons why you must shift your thinking from being interestING to being interestED. The first thing you must remember is when people first meet you they could truly care less about who you are and what you do. They may be paying attention, but in their head they are planning their escape from this meaningless conversation. Why is this? It is because people are always tuned into their favorite radio station, WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

In order to break through and make your time networking as profitable as possible you must become a more attractive person. You must initiate conversation about them; ask them questions about their ideal contacts, who they do business with, geographical areas the cover, what would be the best contact to take their business to the nest level? By asking these questions you probably have just blown your new friends mind, because there are many times when people stop and really think about the question and realize they don’t even know what they want!

You see, we have been conditioned to be on guard at all times because people are always trying to sell us something, but when you can stop focusing on you and step out to help others unconditionally not only will you become more profitable your value to others will sky rocket.

Mary Kay Ash said it wonderfully, “Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, ”Make me feel important.” Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life.”

Have a wonderful day, and let’s go get rich!

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